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PREMIERE: Le Malls (Feat. Beckii Power)- "Blazed" [Official Video]

Warning: This video contains heart racing content that arouses stranger feelings.
Le Malls "Blazed"

17 year old French producer, Le Malls, defined the sounds of love in his latest single "Blazed" featuring Beckii Power, and is now sharing a visual glimpse of the trippy emotion. 

Before filing a lawsuit, keep in mind this video is shot from a lovesick perspective and has no real hallucinogenic results. Its blend of x-ray illusions, pulsing vibrations, and flashes of vivid color, illustrate euphoric side effects of the world's strongest drug. Le Malls' sound alone induces rare melodic ecstasy and this visual accompaniment radically stimulates the high. 

Click below to enter the dimension of love at your own risk.

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