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Premiere: Wildkatz - Jeepers  [Hot Mom USA]

Out April 21.
Wildkatz - Jeepers Creepers

Wildkatz is the genre-bending DJ based in New York that's been gaining serious traction within the underground community for his work with Cakes Da Killa as his DJ while on tour and one of his producers in the studio. He's turning his focus to a solo release this time around via New York's incredible Hot Mom USA, and this one is seriously not one to miss. 

Fast-paced and manic while still holding an ethereal quality to the overall sound, "Jeepers" is guaranteed to be something we'll be hearing throughout the dancefloor. The energy is infectious and the power of the song can be felt upon first listen. Hot Mom USA always knows how to get some serious dance tracks into every DJ's secret handbag and this is absolutely no different. One thing is for sure- we're hooked.  

Check out the track below. "Jeepers" is a part of the Jeepers Creepers EP. Pre-order here via iTunes. 

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