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Punk Band Downtown Boys Writes Open Letter to Coachella

Asking the masses to fight back against unfair wages.
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Punk band Downtown boys have written an open letter to Coachella after finding out that the workers cleaning the artist's compound were previously being paid $14/hour in previous years, but now being only paid $10/hr while the festival raked in $85 million in 2015 (presumably even more than that this year with their recent expansion in size and audience).  

Combined with earlier findings that Coachella's owner, Philip Anschutz, donated money to anti-LGBT causes, the band felt the need to express their concerns about the festival, revealing some of the darker things we don't get to see impacting the Indio community and the people who work the event. While they admit that since they have played the festival, some people are sure to dismiss their open letter, it is important for the band to express concern and be vocal about their findings after being at the festival the past two weekends.  

While it's hard to know who else will join them in their fight against one of the largest festivals in the world, the band is stirring up attention for the unspoken masses who are helping to keep the event in motion and it's important for artists with a voice to speak for those that have no outlet.  

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