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MKE 2 Elements Mic

MKE 2 Elements Mic for GoPro Hero 4

This past January we got the chance to take a look at the new Sennheiser x GoPro microphone collaboration at the NAMM trade show, and we finally have gotten our hands on one. 

For all of you GoPro users, specifically the Hero 4 (Black & Silver Models), there is finally a great solution for capturing decent audio when you are using your camera the way it was intended to be used, capturing amazing action footage. 

The MKE 2 essentially becomes an extension of your Hero 4 quickly sliding into the camera's case and connecting to the USB micro input. The mic itself is nestled inside a protective cover that resembles a small sea urchin and is spongy to the touch. The cover acts as a windscreen, dust protector and water repellent so you can capture incredible sound in harsh elements, even under water. The actual mic itself is a small little nodule connected to a shock mount underneath which reduces any noise created by friction or intense movement. 

“In the world of extreme sports, uncompromising sound quality remained a summit yet to be scaled. Until now, athletes have had to lower their expectations of audio and accept that there are scenarios where poor-quality recordings are inevitable or even when sound capture is impossible, for example under water,” said Achim Gleissner, Commercial Manager for Broadcast & Media at Sennheiser. “The MKE 2 elements has been designed to break through these barriers in the same way that GoPro cameras have done, giving users the ability to add fantastic sound that makes action cam footage even more intense.”

The mic itself is pretty easy to use and we had it up and running in about five minutes or so. There are no special settings, you just hit play on your camera and off you go to recording great audio. 

Yeah, surfing... insane. 

Yeah, surfing... insane. 

We fully submerged the mic in a swimming pool, took it up snowboarding and held it out the car window, all of which sounded a hell of a lot better than the on board mic, which is pretty much worthless in those conditions. 

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This mic will also be a great tool for journalists and film makers that are out in the field and don't want to fuss with an external mic that puts the camera at risk to the elements. Now you have a compact camera that takes amazing video and finally audio all while being able to take a beating. 

The MKE 2 was developed as part of the GoPro Developer Program that allows third party companies to create products that seamlessly integrate with GoPro cameras. So not only do you have the quailty assurance from the Sennheiser brand, you know the mic will work perfectly with the cameras as that's what it was designed to do with GoPro's official seal of qualitly.

“Through our Developer Program we are very proud to be working with companies like Sennheiser to pursue a shared vision and create seamless user experiences between our products,” said Ted Simonides, Director, Developer Partnerships at GoPro. “The MKE 2 elements epitomises this spirit of innovation and lets GoPro users take their adventures even further.”

 ”Sennheiser is currently the only audio company that has obtained Works with GoPro verification, and the ground-breaking nature of the MKE 2 elements is a testament to the power of this collaborative and excellence-driven approach,” said Achim Gleissner. “In parallel to bringing the MKE 2 elements to the market, Sennheiser is working on solutions for HERO5 cameras and is excited to continue to collaborate with GoPro as their products evolve.”

The MKE 2 elements action mic for GoPro HERO4 cameras will be available starting on April 24, 2017.

So if you are an avid GoPro fan or simply a content creator that's on the go and looking for a more compact solution, the MKE 2 is a fantastic addition to your kit.

Buy Here / MSRP $199


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