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Premiere: Sian Goes Raw And Unrelenting With New 'Scanners' EP

Hard Jungle influences permeate this rolling techno weapon
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Fresh off the release of his latest album, Octopus Recordings boss Sian is back with a 3 track EP entitled 'Scanners'. Capital Crimewave was one hell of an album, and saw the producer push the boundaries by bringing together genres like techno, hip hop, and dubby electronica, to create a one-of-a-kind sound. Not one to sit back and relax, this new EP brings out a much tougher side of Sian, blending hard jungle influences, with raw and rolling techno basslines. 

Octopus Recordings has become an essential label for techno heads, with every release getting stronger and stronger. 'Scanners' is a prime example of an artist and label willing to bring influences not normally associated with the current trends, to create truly powerful music. 

The EP's title track begins with just a kick and massive ripping bassline. The percussion is also quickly introduced, and while this may not seem like much, the first blaring squelch comes seemingly from nowhere to let you know this track means serious business. As the track builds, so do the growls, and distorted vocals are tightly woven throughout. The off-beat pluck adds a darker melodic element, that also acts as an additional percussive layer. 

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Overall the track is fairly simple, but where it lacks in over-the-top production, it makes up for by being a straightforward and aggressive dancefloor weapon. If Sian were to continue making more tunes like this, we would happily continue gobbling them up. 

The 'Scanners' EP will be out May 1st via Octopus Recordings.

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