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Sinjin Hawke Announces Details Of His 'First Opus'

The record will be out May 10.
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Sinjin Hawke _ First Opus

Sinjin Hawke has announced the full details of his upcoming record, titled First Opus, which will be out May 10th via Fractal Fantasy. Sinjin Hawke has been instrumental in the electronic music scene for a while now, and with credits to projects such as The Life of Pablo, the talented producer's latest work is sure to be his best yet. 

Zora Jones, co-founder of Fractal Fantasy, noted on the upcoming release- 

"Over the past four years I watched the sound of 'First Opus' crystallise first hand and realised how pure Sinjin's approach to music is. His ultimate goal is to make the most potent and beautiful experience possible – everything else is secondary. He made a point to have no features on the album in order to give the world 100% of himself and not dilute the expression." 

Check out his ethereal countdown on Fractal Fantasy site here, and take a look at the upcoming tracklist below. 


01. Monolith [Overture] - Sinjin Hawke

02. Dawn Of Infinity - Sinjin Hawke

03. They Can't Love You - Sinjin Hawke

04. Shimmer - Sinjin Hawke

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