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With a refined and sexy ad campaign, beautiful supermodel endorsements and promises of life changing music filled experiences, why wouldn’t anyone be romanced at the opportunity to chase down a topless Emily Ratajkowski down a white sandy beach or be swept up off their feet by a sculpted Adonis of a man in nothing but speedos… it was truly a recipe for two glorious decadent weekends of sex, food, and music, till it truly wasn’t.    

"This sums up Fyre Festival. #fyre #fyrefestival #fyrefest," April 27, 2017.

Frye Festival's "concierge desk" without anyone to be that concierge...

It was supposed to be the next Coachella but on a much higher scale, promising private jet chartering, luxurious accommodations, gourmet meals by award-winning chefs and "two transformative weekends" of the biggest names in music! Advertisements and endorsements by Ja Rule and reality TV people Kendall Jenner and Rob Kardashian, coupled with gratuitously promoted videos and photos of bouncing busty supermodels and insta-babes prancing in bikinis along beautiful tropical beaches, flooded the internet. Nothing says "luxury" more than bottles and models right? 

fyre festival 2017 promotion by Ja Rule

right...and $20,000,000 in cash to keep the lawsuits cool...

Ticket prices were not cheap- starting at the “no frills” GA price of $450 per day (yes, you get nothing but a pass to attend for one day) and VIP tier pricing ranging from $1,000 - $12,000 with a "full VIP experience" (whatever that means) at an alarming price of $250,000.

From the moment excited festival goers stepped off their "private" jets onto the island, it became horribly apparent that the promises of “champagne wishes and caviar dreams” would actually translate to sliced bread and white cheese, in a styrofoam container. 

What was promised but NEVER delivered...

What was promised but NEVER delivered...

gourmet food at Fyre Festival 2017

our mouths began to water as soon as we saw this gourmet spread from the 2017 Fyre Festival...

UPDATE: William N. Finley IV provided more accurate photos of other food options that were provided to the "luxury cuisine" ticket holders.  Quite honestly, if I paid $1k or more, for an all inclusive "gourmet" meal option, these would STILL not be up to par.

pasta salad, a roll and mixed greens DOES NOT constitute "gourmet cuisine" for a $1,000 ticket.

pasta salad, a roll and mixed greens DOES NOT constitute "gourmet cuisine" for a $1,000 ticket.

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Gourmet caterer Steven Starr was on the bill and poised to provide guests with his culinary delights that have made him a celebrity in the food world, however, his company was nowhere to be found. In his defense, Starr Catering CEO, Simon Powles, released a statement that they had terminated their relationship with the sinking ship on April 2, 2017, over two weeks before the start date. This change of events was apparently never announced by Fyre organizers.

What came to be at the actual event was nowhere near luxury. From the lack of and partially built festival offices to zero signs of any Fyre-personnel or security, the event quickly turned into a nightmare for many. Guests’ lodgings were nowhere near the luxurious glamping or resort accommodations as promised. Instead, people were ushered towards a “tent city” that looked like a page from a disaster plagued FEMA camp. A few guests were smart enough to quickly re-board the plane without hesitation after seeing the mob scene, unbuilt structures and supplies still wrapped in plastic.    

One guest found the official Fyre Festival's employee manual, which was composed of handwritten notes on a college ruled notebook. 

Headlining act Blink 182 also canceled at the very last minute, in hindsight, it was definitely a sign of bad things to come.  

Another frightening aspect of the doomed medical/emergency personnel could be found in their "first aid" area.

Many guests were trapped on the island hoping and wishing for a plane ride back to Miami.

Cheated guests weren't the only ones angry with all that had transpired.  The Bahamas (yes, the whole country!!!) even chimed in with a statement of disappointment as damage control concerning the whole nightmare.

A whole day after the horror began, Ja Rule finally tweeted his statement about the Fyre failure...

For now, all we can hope for is that the guests who are still out there are being treated better. We also hope that refunds and any other restitution come swiftly.  

Please email your thoughts on this fiasco and if you managed to get off the island we definitely want to hear from you- email us here subject Fyre Meltdown

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