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The Public Beta For Gearogs Is Now Open For Business

Be ready to just take all of our money now.

We'd been hearing various whisperings and rumors that Discogs was gearing up for a new marketplace, and while it was confirmed in an interview with Discogs owner Kevin Lewandowski on THUMP, it's only now that we've gotten the full scale of their new platform. 

On the release, they noted on their blog- 

Gearogs started as a site to catalog and track your collection of audio gear, like turntables, speakers, mixers, headphones, synthesizers, effects pedals and more. As more Community members started cataloging their gear and using the site, we received numerous requests to start a marketplace, until these requests could no longer be ignored. Our Community is what we value most at Discogs, so when you ask for something, we do our best to deliver.

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We're ready for the marketplace to be a recipient of a lot our cash in the future. Check out the platform here

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