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V-MODA's Forza Metallo Wireless Neckband Headphones Now Available

Longer music playback and CD quality in one tiny package

The launch of the Forza Metallo Wireless in-ear buds has been a critical success for V-MODA. Not only has the company managed to build a slick minimal design for these buds, but also deliver on quality sound that's present in all their products

If you haven't purchased the original in-ear versions, then consider the Bluetooth neckbud version that just shipped. This product builds on the original on all fronts: it features 10+ hours of music playback, detachable sport fins that ensure stability whether you're running or working out, but also a sweat-resistant neck band that ensures your ears buds are never intrusive

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Audiophiles and casual music listeners are in for a treat for this version. The neckbud version of the Forza Metallo Wireless sports a Qualcomm aptX Audio Codec. That means that you can enjoy almost CD-like quality over wireless playback, a feat not available on most modern day earbuds

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The Forza Metallo Wireless are available now for $170 in both black and silver, which you can purchase HERE

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