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VOLAC Share Their Craziest Moments While On the Road

From murder to strange hotel rooms, the VOLAC guys have been through it all.
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We love to go crazy every tour and gig. We tour a lot in Brazil and Russia but there, promoters go crazy more than in other countries, and more than we are! ☺ Here are some of our craziest tales. 

The stories have been edited for clarity. 

Crazy Russian festivals in forest

Once promoter in Russia booked us for the festival which was held in a forest. When we arrived at the airport, nobody met us. Driver and promoter didn’t pick up our calls. We thought that there were too many artists and they just forgot about us. OK. We went to the hotel, which was the only one in the forest about 100 kms from the festival, but there hadn't booked a room for us. The internet and phones didn’t work. OK. 

We went to a stage and there we met promoter, he was fucked up by alcohol and drugs and he was very sad. The reason was that zome rainfall started 2-3 hours before the festival and 80% people couldn’t get to the place. The dancefloor was for 2000 people but there were only around 100 people. Most of the artists couldn’t come there. We played our set and went to the hotel. Next day nobody met us. The hotel was small and we were alone there without phones, internet, and etc.. We met the receptionist who closed the hotel and drove us to the airport…


Don’t throw vodka to the fans from DJ booth while Sharam Jey plays

Another story was in Moscow, when we played with Sharam Jey about 2 years ago. When Sharam Jey started to play after us we were already a little bit drunk. We were in the DJ booth with Sharam and Stas from VOLAC threw a bottle of vodka into the crowd of fans and accidentally pressed the cue button of CD deck which was playing. It was so funny because it was a moment of breakdown before the drop. The track was looped for 3 seconds. Randomly, we recorded a video of this.

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Check out the hotel before the show

The first time we went to Ireland for the CUFF showcase 2 years ago, we were very excited and forgot to check out our hotel beforehand… and it was the craziest hotel we have ever been to. Green colour rooms, low roofs, and the funniest thing were the beds. The promoter booked a bizarre room with 2 beds… One bed was extra-small and the other one was extra-big… So, we flipped a coin.


Drug Dealer Party

Once we played in afterparty in Brazil. We were the last in the line-up at around 9 a.m. When we started to play, people look very tired but they did not stop dancing. Some people were dancing with 'Volac' flags, some with umbrellas (WTF ?!), and some were laying on the ground and sleeping. It started to look like a 'drug dealer party,' so played our track 'Drug Dealer' and recorded it on the instagram stories video. After that, the promoter called our agent and asked to delete everything about that and told us that we are on the ban list now... 

Crazy Brazil

Another story happened in Brazil when we were on tour there in 2016. When we started touring in Brazil for a month, we had a full bags of clothes. When we got to the last show on the tour, we left our baggage in the promoter's car. While we were playing, the promoter drove somewhere with our bags and he never came back… Our agent told us that the promoter got into a car crash. He brought broken bags but it was only a small part of our clothes… We went shopping and came back to Russia without our warm clothes haha ☺

Don’t wear Russian coats in Brazil

In one party in Brazil, we decided to show people that we are from Russia. We put on our Russian warm coats in the beginning of our set. After 10 minutes though, it was very hot because there were around +40 degrees there ☺ We decided never wear Russian warm clothes on Brazil!

Sometimes you need a security

Not all stories have a happy ending. When we were on the Brazil tour last year, we played in a big venue. Just after the set, we partied with the owner. He told us that our set was one of the best he has ever listened to and he was ready to book us again in 3 months. After that, somebody came to us and asked the owner to talk to him privately. 10 minutes later, we heard 5 gun shots. We immediately ran away with our agent from there and 2 hours later we learned that the owner we were talking to was killed…

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