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We Got to Preview What Galantis are Working On. Here's What We Found

We went to a listening party for their new music, and it's a great combination of beautiful vocals and upbeat vibes.

While being in music writing doesn't exactly elicit a lot of luxury, we often get to be a part of some really cool things, like the chance to attend a listening party hosted by Galantis. While we can't say too much, we can tell you to expect a diverse set of songs that'll get you up and dancing. There are also lush emotional tracks embedded in-between, making this a stunning ode to their brilliant production skills. 

If it helps, we were bumping our heads and doing a little dance to the music the entire time. 

Galantis are playing at Hammerstein Ballroom this Friday and Saturday, so be sure to grab tickets for their NYC and later shows from this link!

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