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So the UKF gods have thrown up a Jaguar Skillz mix on their podcast and it is the business for running. Only problem is, it's too fast and I almost threw up in my throat trying to spin my stumps in time to it. Pacing one's self is important - especially when faced with the likes of Jaguar Skillz. This same message could be emitted to the hordes of die-hard Hospo fans heading to Tobacco Dock in London tomorrow to partake in Hospitality in the Dock. Enjoy my friends, because to paraphrase the word's of the mighty and prestigious S Club 7, ain't no party like a Hospo Party.

Except for maybe, a Bakerloo Line party. Well done Harry Shotta.

I myself will be in Ireland, where I plan to throw a wobbly over being made to ride a bicycle.

Have fun bunnies!

The word last time...

"Beg & Borrow" - Dimension 

Dimension's doing Glasto for the first time this year! Ain't that all a bit special... new belter from the up and coming kid. 

"Vapourised" - Dextone [Mayan Audio]

Regrets - I have a few. Missing out on the plum opportunity of premiering this little beaut being one! Sorry Mayan Audio, it's a sick piece with chops a-plenty!

"Step Up" - DC Breaks [RAM Records]

DC Breaks have delivered a pearler of an album with 'Different Breed'. More choice than pick'n'mix but play favourites we must!

"Holdin' On" - Dawn Wall [Integral]

When Will Smith was talking about 'Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool' he was probably listening to Dawn Wall. Probs.

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"Brainstorm" - Was A Be [Shogun Audio]

Mystery Italian duo put together something a little bit technical and worthwhile!

"When You're Alone (LSB Remix)" - Foreign Concept [Critial Music]

You're never alone if you've got D&B! Don't know why Critical features so rarely on these charts, they have some brilliant stuff going on.

"Sinkhole (Posij Remix)" - Noisia [Vision Recordings]

It is quite a job picking just one track from the Outer Edges Remix album. This is a standout but there are twenty of the bloody things and they are all excellent. Recommend.

"Skin (Wilkinson Remix)" - Rag & Bone Man [Sony Music]

Old Wilky Woo smashing up some Rag & Bone Man beats.

"Slow Down (Calyx & TeeBee Remix)" - Sigma ft. Jetta [3Beat]

I usually impose a casually unenforced Sigma ban in this neck of the woods (because I am that far up my own ass apparently) but Calyx & TeeBee make it okay. 

Playlisticle...Majistical... sorta worked.

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