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Stupid questions I have asked people about drum and bass in my time include (but are not limited to):

- Can I call this fast half-time?
- Are producer's allowed to play other producer's tunes at festivals
- What is that pipe patting sound in 'Animals' (I really like the pipe clanging sound).

A moron? Perhaps, but at least I'm ready to learn!

The answers, FYI, are a follows: 
Fast half-time is normal time. 
Yes - clearly yes. 
I still don't know, SEND HELP.

Point: Both morons and non-morons alike are allowed to appreciate music - it is a gift.

Babble action from last time.

"Monster" - Truth ft. Strikez [Disciple]

Showing my true colours by swapping out Maduk for this twisted piece of greatness. So sick. Also, FYI, hot tip - THIS is halftime. 

"Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? (TC Remix)" - Moby [Black Lacquer]

Moby hits the big time! This has been stuck in my head all bloody weekend. You have been warned.

"Undone" - Alix Perez & SpectraSoul ft. DRS [1985 Music/Ish Chat] 

Slap SpectraSoul and DRS on absolutely anything and I'd be on board with it.

"Nobody Cares" - Frankee [RAM Records]

A cry for help or simply a damn good track? You're alright Frankee - I think you're pretty set.

"Break Away (Gydra Remix)" - Dropzone

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Found this by accident and I'm so flipping glad I did. 

"What Bass" - Andy C [RAM Records]

The bad man from RAM can do no wrong.

"Get Dirty (VIP Remix)" -  Mob Tactics [Viper Recordings]

Mob Tactics have stumbled upon the conclusion that they can n fact get dirtier. Going the whole hog -full mud puddle immersion with this VIP.

"Giant" - State of Mind [Eatbrain]

Mind melt from the SOM boys, back to their usual debauchery!

"S.T.A.Y. (Delta Heavy Tribute)" - Hans Zimmer

Delta Hot n Heavy have done an absolute doozy on this far tamer original from the 'Interstellar' soundtrack. 

"Alone In The Dark" - S.P.Y [Hospital Records]

Saving the best for last! 'Alone In the Dark' is Beatport's numero uno and very nicely done indeed.

Full April playlist

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