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It's been another seriously strong week of trap delights out there over the past seven days, and sometimes we have enough ace tunes to fill a Top 50 rundown. Nevertheless, here is our top 10 - and as always, it's hand selected with care. 

1) Mavati - "Can't Escape"  

 With a beautiful, haunting vocal-led intro, this is an impressive sound from a fledgling artist. Plenty of future bass influences are peppered amongst its powerful melodies, and its production is pretty slick. 

2) CAWZ X SEOLDIER ft. Brewski - "Hella Paid"

Available as a free download, this is a strong and unique collaboration from CAWZ and SEOLDIER. Gurgling riffs and twangs of strings give those roving vocals furter depth and texture - a big tune. 

3) Dreamer, Far & Few - "ZULU"

This one has just dropped on Tribal Tap and it will keep you guessing from start to finish. Opening with exotic vocals and distinctive drum work, "ZULU" descends into an array of face-melting bass jerks and skitters of 808s. This is powerful.

4)  Maytek - "Shockwave"

The non-stop sharp tongued energy of this track from Maytek is almost unbelievable, and it only pauses so that guttural thuds of bass and shrieking shards of instrumentation can come into play. Watch out for the tempo switch ups, too. 

5) Astro - "Paranormal"

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A collision of styles, this free download from Astro sees a variety of different influences thrown into the mix in all-encompassing fashion. Intense strings and pepped up builds make its richly layered drop sequences even more satisfying. 

6) JEDI - "Glad I Found You" (Original) 

Seeped in groove and off-kilter vocal samples, this highly memorable sound from JEDI moves through entirely separate genres within the basis of a 4.32 track. Completely unlike anything we've heard in a long time - be sure to take a full listen. 

7) HEARTS & Ice Cream - "Hold Up" (feat. BLVKSTN)

Another collaboration and another free download, "Hold Up" is a grizzly and sharp-edged cut that brings out the best of both artists. BLVKSTN's raw tones sound so good, and the drum work is on point. 

8) John Lavido And Starky - "War" (ft. ELY)

Laden with groove from the offset, "War" brings together stunning vocals from ELY that drift over that dirty bassline and its slow-burning melodies - this one is anthemic. 

9) Lenny - "Bringin It Back" (Lenny x Half Broke Remix)

Bringing some rugged UK vibes to proceedings is this collaborative rework from Lenny and Half Broke. Rolling, dynamic energy is evident straight away from its rap verses and choppy, almost hypnotic top-line. 

10) Snowlab - "Utah" 

Dripping with rhythmical emphasis, "Utah" is a slick new bit from Snowlab. With glitched out patterns and an array of varied samples running through it, we couldn't help but get sucked in by this one. 

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