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Having trawled through many, many good trap tracks this week, we've narrowed it down to ten we think you need to hear. Sit back and enjoy! 

1) Unlike Pluto - "Everything Black" (feat. Mike Taylor)

Up for grabs now through Monstercat, "Everything Black" wonderfully bridges the gap between electronica and trap. The highly revered Mike Taylor offers up some stunning vocals alongside this catchy melody, peppered with piano strikes and punchy percussion. 

2) Conrank - "Carab"

If you're after low-end weightiness, this one is going to tick all the right boxes. Fizzing with building tension and post-dubstep influences, this deep and reverbing cut from Conrank is absolutely wicked. 

3) Badrapper - "Pressure"

You can cop this one as a free download if you're digging this - and if you like your sounds dark and glass-edged, then grab "Pressure" immediately. Striking riffs and rattling snare-work build to explosive drops and almighty bass thuds. 

4) Felix Cartal - "Drifting Away" (ft. Ofelia K) (Like This. Remix)

Another free download, Felix Cartal's original has been given a hugely popular remix thanks to Like This. Softly shimmering with glistening melodies and disjointed rhythms, "Drifting Away" is a hypnotic listen. 

5) DARKMARK - "Sensei" 

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DARKMARK once again shows his capabilities as a producer with the fantastic "Sensei" - once again available to grab for free. Switching seamlessly between beautiful Eastern-influenced melodies and thickly cut basslines, DARKMARK has created a monster here. 

6) ÜPOLO - //Mayhem.

The artist has described this one as "going in hard" - and we couldn't agree more. This jigsaw of rhythms, pace, melodies and basslines takes the trap genre and flips it on its head, culminating in something completely unique. You have to hear this... 

7) Eliminate* - "Flooded"

This is another addition that really doesn't hold back, and the production is on point from start to finish. Choppy, pacy and packed with distinctive samples (including a ringing doorbell), "Flooded" will tear up a dance floor. 

8) 98.20.11 - "Divine"

This tune has had an enormous response since it landed, and it's no surprise why. Almost cinematic in its theme, there is a rich musicality running throughout - from the opening strains it's clear "Divine" is going to reel you in. 

9) Cherney x Lucchii- "Engage"

Those rock, anthemic guitar riffs at the start of "Engage" are enough to grab anyone's attention, but Cherney and Lucchii ensure that their collaboration will keep you listening to the very end. Brutal eruptions of stuttering bass drops and uncompromising samples mean this one will cause serious damage on the floor. 

10) YDG & ohmy - "Hit Me"

Ok, ok... we might be slightly late to the party with our tenth and final chart addition here. "Hit Me" is a seriously strong collab from YDG and ohmy, piling on blistering builds and stripped back but oh so infectious drops that will have you crying out for more. So big. 

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