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In like a lion, out like a lamb, they say.... Although it might not have seen the biggest releases of the year, a few of the tunes that sprung up in March set the foundation for a huge year for several artists - Looking at you alt-J and Kendrick! Now that the seasons have changed and it's all heating up, let's groove right on into what March sounded like.


alt-J "3WW"

It's been a slow-burning love affair between alt-J and I. Now, I'm ready to declare it, I think these English indie rockers are quite possibly the best band out there today. Their lead single "3WW" off their new album Relaxer is true to form, and shows a further mastery of their peerless sound and style. 

Kendrick Lamar "Humble"

You can't hide from this goliath of a track from King Kendrick. He's back, he's headlining Coachella, and he's not afraid to flex the talents he's blessed with. Sit down. Be humble. 


Lane 8 Spring 2017 Mixtape

What better way to celebrate the start of Spring than to let Lane 8 pull together a beautiful mix? This maestro of progressive house and deep house will make you see all the beautiful flowers and feel all the shades of the best feels. 

Tiga Stereo Woke Mix

Tiga's own words to describe this lovely mix:

"In late January, i did my first residency night at StereoBar, a montreal club renowned for its custom sound system. It was early in the year, and having had time off over the winter i was able to finally prepare a vinyl set and benefit from the long process or reorganizing my records. The set is special to me in a few ways: to start, it was the first time i actually played records in years, and it felt so good. I had forgotten how much better it feels. It was not ALL vinyl: but it was enough to bring back the old feeling: tracks running out, no looping, heightened awareness, and in my case i think more passion and smarter programming. Second: i wanted 2017 to be a return to a harder, more electro sound: zero filler and only records i really love. it might sound obvious, and it SHOULD sound obvious, but it was important to me. Third: you will hear the world debut of the NEW Tiga Vs Audion track and a new favourite track of my own . both coming out soon, and both records that i am exceptionally in love with. enjoy." - Tiga

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From DeeWee by SoulWax

This is definitive SoulWax. It's electronic, it's rocky, it's full of energy and the best these Belgian brothers have ever sounded. The synthwork is up to their high standards, which reside somewhere high up in the clouds on Mount Olympus. Overall it's playful and vivacious, it's Soulwax delicious. 

More Life by Drake

It's not my favorite album from Drake, and also it's not quite an album - self-described as a playlist. It's vibey, it's chill, it's more Drake you didn't necessarily ask for, but also you're not necessarily mad about.

Automaton by Jamiroquai

One of the funkiest space cowboys of the 90 had to return and do the damn thing. Jamiroquai is back with an updated hat and contemporary sound to prove he's still got the prowess to work the Jamiroquai project with style and grace. 

BLD by Acid Pauli

Kick back, and then kick back some more with Acid Pauli's BLD. It's an experimental bit of electronica that's sweet, melancholia and leaves you wanting more. Check our full review.

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