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Ableton Has Launched A Website To Bring Music-Making to the Masses

Teaching users of the site on beats, working with notes and scales, crafting chords, basslines and song structure.

Music-making through a digital platform like Ableton, Logic, or FL Studio can be a difficult process. Its complex nature can make it a barrier of entry for creative individuals looking to express themselves through music, but luckily for us, Ableton is looking to make things easier for those looking to get started into the world of music production. 

They've launched a new initiative to bring tips and tricks and teach those new to making music, including how to make beats, work with notes and scales, craft chords, basslines and song structure. They also utilize major hits as a way of integrating pop culture and heighten interest in music production, including songs like Beyoncé’s ‘Single Ladies’, Bob Marley’s "Get Up, Stand Up," and Robert Hood’s "Ride." 

There's a whole other host of different features, including a place they call 'the Playground,' which will let people experiment with their tracks. 

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More information about the platform can be found here

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