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Amsterdam Maestro, Mees Dierdorp, Returns with New Four-Track EP, Miso Propin!

The Amsterdam-based, king of composition and poetic acoustics returns with an impromptu four-track EP titled, Miso Propin, available this Wednesday, May 10th!

As the world of electronic music gets ever more saturated, it becomes hard to distinguish a talented individual from someone who can run a good night. Unfortunately, when it comes down to DJ'ing and production work, it is even rarer to find someone who's contributions involve the meticulous understanding of music composition. 

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Almost two years ago, I had the pleasure of seeing the maestro, Mees Dierdorp, in the flesh at a local Brooklyn event where he played a set embedded with many of his tracks from his remarkable first LP, Wild Window. The album led to the Amsterdam-based producer to be plucked from his enigmatic surfacing and brought to Circoloco @ DC10, where he crushed the night as one of the most successful openers at the club. 

Today, I have the honor and great pleasure to announce his upcoming release of an impromptu EP, Miso Propin, the first EP release under his own label, Mees Records. The EP speaks for itself as it lined with the familiarity of his acoustic sounds blended with magical harmonies, subtle synths, swinging beats and an added factor of poetic aesthetics. 

The EP is being released this Wednesday, May 10th in honor of his late grandfather who inspired the four tracks. Magnetic Mag has the honor of having an exclusive preview of the title track, "Miso Propin" here: 

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3. Boy Baloon (feat. Lucebert)

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