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[Stream] AnGy KoRe Debuts New Album And Label

The Italian Techno maestro celebrates his first release on new label Himmel

Starting a label is a dream for many artists. It's a natural progression for someone who wants to free themselves from the restraints of other's release schedules and musical dictations. But starting your own label is no easy task. Many artists spend years in the trenches releasing on other artist's labels before even thinking about starting their own. 

However, it's not impossible to do so, and with a strong work ethic, one can find success. What kind of work ethic? Well, according to Angelo Del Core, known as AnGy Kore, 400 tracks on 100 labels in about 4 years should do the trick. Ok, maybe that's a bit extreme, but after such a resume, starting a label is almost a must. 

AnGy Kore

AnGy Kore

Once a cruise ship DJ, Angelo decided to get his ducks in a row and create his AnGy Kore project, with nothing but creating killer techno on his mind. Fast forward to today, and he's had massive success all around the world. To celebrate the found of his label, Himmel, he has released 'Clarion', a 13 track LP spanning the spectrum of techno. His hardstyle roots definitely shine through, but not in an over the top way. Slamming kicks, catchy vocals, and raw percussion are the overarching theme here, sprinkle in some acid and clever track titles, and you've got yourself a recipe for success. 

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Standout tracks for me include Clarion, I Wanna You, Perca, and Tomago. Although that's not to say that the others aren't just as good. It's always exciting to see an artist make the jump to label head, and seeing the work already put in by AnGy Kore as a DJ, I'm betting this will be a serious powerhouse and destination for killer techno in the near future. Stream the full album below, and let us know your thoughts and which tune is your favorite. 

Click here to purchase 'Clarion'

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