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BangOn!NYC Promise A Camping Experience Filled with Adventure & Fun @ Elements Music & Arts Festival in Lakewood, PA this May!

Check out the most highly anticipated local camping even this month in the Northeast, hosted by local NY favorite event producers, BangOn!NYC!

Memorial Day Weekend has been solidified as the Detroit Movement weekend for quite some time, and my friends and I have gone often times enough, however this year we truly wanted to opt for something alternative. As the weekend is clouded by the upcoming excitement of others attending, we seem to have lost sight of the local scene around us. And like an answer to a silent prayer, local NYC event producers, BangOn!NYC have come to our aid with a true alternative event!


BangOn!NYC has been producing some of the most extravagant and unique events since 2012. They are behind the Elements NYC Outdoor Music & Arts festival and have worked with other local promoters such as ZERO to bring some beautifully talented artists to the city. They brought Lee Burridge for their 2016 NYE event and Dirtybird's, J.Phlip, Ardalan and Will Clarke for their Warehouse of Horrors this past Halloween. The buck does not stop there with these guys, they also host smaller events called, Frequency and other called Sessions. Busy, busy, bees...

This year they have announced their first full three-day camping festival, Elements in Lakewood, Pennsylvania where they boast a stage designed by The Reliquarium and visuals by Rhizome NYC. They have stage takeovers by some of our favorite promoters such as ZERO, Webster Hall, ebb + flow, Rezinate, and vyvn! On top of that, they have three indoor late-night stages, a rock n' roll themed bar with live music, a Masquerade Party hosted by Claptone, a roller disco, old school hip-hop dance contests, an ambient/classical chill-out room, art cars cruising around to secret dance parties, sunrise/sunset DJ sets on the lake and a boat stage setting sail every hour... I mean... I haven't even gotten to the line-up! 

Pirate Ship close

Speaking of a line-up, here it is: 


Now with all of these big announcements, Magnetic Mag reached out to BangOn!NYC & Elements Festival Co-Founders Timothy Monkiewicz & Brett Herman, to ask them a few questions about this exciting new festival they have put together: 

Magnetic: I have read that your start as event producers happened after you threw a farewell party for a roommate. How did that go?

Tim: Not exactly - we were actually throwing a roommate out who stole our rent money! The party was rad! It got shut down by the fire department after we had fire spinners/breathers on the roof, but our girlfriend showed her boobs and bought us 30 more minutes of partying!

MM: How did you guys meet?

Brett: At an open bar...and after long night thereafter if became apparent we should throw our own parties together!

MM: The loft party was a success, but what moves did you make to go from there to founding, BangOn?

TM: Initially we were just friending tons of people on Facebook and being like, "hey, come to our parties!!!" Really it was just doing crazy stuff at underground spots - like having ninjas flying on Zipline over the crowd, and then through word of mouth, it really grew!

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BH: And Craigslist missed connections.

MM: You have branded yourselves as event producers that combine visual art and performances with music curation. What is one of the wildest setups that you guys put together? What kind of work goes into that level of event curation?

BH: The zip line performances always have a nice combination of the artistic and technical. For last year's Halloween "Warehouse of Horrors," we brought on a crew called Skindicate who hang from the skin of their shoulders flying over the crowd! We generally like to brainstorm without any restrictions, decide and commit to doing something amazing, and then figure out backward from their how to make it work in reality.

MM: What ideas do you have to out-do that wild night?

TM: We don't really talk about that stuff - we just do it. If we told you our plans someone else might try to do them first! I will tell you something I'm particularly excited for at Elements Lakewood - we have a Pirate Ship driving around the lake that will be loaded with drag queens and a 3 piece pirate band.

MM: How did Elements start? The first one was a mini-festival in Brooklyn, correct?

TM: From the start of BangOn - we knew we wanted to produce outdoor events as the scale of the art and spectacles can be so much larger when you have no roof - literally!

BH: Is there anything special planned for Elements Lakewood?

Brett: Beyond 92+ DJ's over 10 stages on a 60-acre summer camp, we have magical happenings sprinkled throughout the schedule - plan on discovering spectacles where least expected!

Photo Credit: Freedom Film LLC

Photo Credit: Freedom Film LLC

Do not miss out on a chance to go to what is probably going to be illest local camping festival in the Northeast this month, check out more of the event and grab tickets via their Facebook event page here

Elements Festival is also offering passes and camping to individuals who would like to volunteer and help set up the festival, you can apply here!

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