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Current Vibes: GIA Interview & Playlist

We speak with outstanding vocalist GIA and she serves up a series of tracks she's feeling right now.

This edition of Current Vibes sees us chat with the multi-talented GIA, a vocalist who is in real demand right now thanks to her inimitable style of delivery. 

A role model for the LGBT community, she is a passionate artist who has musicians lining up to work with her - most recently bass producer UZ. 

Check out our exclusive interview below. 

We really love your newest collaboration with UZ on “Million Dollar Bills” – such an epic tune! What made you want to work with him on the track?

The chemistry was so obvious since the remix of "Only A Girl,"  and so we ended up having a session together!

Are you something of a perfectionist when recording, or are you happy to let things flow naturally?

It’s definitely a mixture of both, but I always make sure I’m putting my best work out there.

How do you feel your sound and style has progressed since “Only A Girl?”

I’ve evolved and matured so much. I feel like I’ve explored new sides of me with my sound and I have so much more to say! I really can’t wait to share what I’ve been working on.

What do you rate about UZ’s remake of it?

10/10 for sure, he didn’t just do a typical remix. He always takes a different approach to his music and that’s definitely what I was looking for.

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You’re an active role model for the LGBT community – how do you feel your music ties in with inspiring others? 

There are not many artists that are openly gay and I feel as though many members of the LGBT community can resonate with me, and be inspired by how open I am.

What particularly drives and inspires you personally?

People. I have a strong desire to share the way that I feel about life and hope that I can make anyone feel less alone by writing my own life experiences.

If you could describe yourself as an artist in three words, what would they be?

Weird. Honest. Adventurous.

Can we expect any further collaborations in the near future?

My next single produced by King Henry and a very special song I did with Switch coming out this summer.

Finally, favourite moment of 2017 so far?

Performing my single “Heart Won't Forget” with Matoma.

You can purchase "Million Dollar Bills" here. 

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