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Detroit Collective Underground Resistance Accuse Armin Van Buuren of Copying Their Logo

Van Buuren will be changing the logo for his Ibiza residency.

Many looking at Armin Van Buuren's latest Ibiza party flier may have noticed that the UR logo on the top-left corner looked somewhat similar to Detroit Collective Underground Resistance's logo, and they were not alone in thinking this, as the collective have spoken out and accused the Dutch artist of plagiarism. 

The collective put up a photo of the event and wrote a statement, while Label Manager Cornelius Harris told RA

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“There’s no excuse for this. It’s lazy and irresponsible of the artist AND promoter. I’m all for folks having fun regardless of the style of music, but that can be done without trying to exploit the years of work that another artist has put in for your own benefit. Van Buuren offers no explanation for it, simply calling U R ‘my new concept’ and leaving it at that. Sorry man, no fucking way." 

Van Buuren, on his part, sent a statement over to Fact Magazine, where he noted that the idea was inspired by an old concept, not by Underground Resistance, and while the party name will not change, they will be redesigning the logo. 

I would like to start off by saying how unfortunate and unpleasant this situation is for everyone involved. My team, the team of Hï/Ushuaïa and myself were not aware of the similarities between our logo and the logo of Underground Resistance.

Originally, UR – the name of the new event through which I’ll perform in Ibiza every week – is derived from Universal Religion, an older but nonetheless known Armin van Buuren concept. The logo, which consists of a custom-made font and frame, was designed to conform with the Armin van Buuren brand.

After careful deliberation, my team, the team of Hï/Ushuaïa and myself have decided to keep the name UR as it is and adjust the symbol. I trust that media, fans and Underground Resistance will be able to understand this decision.”

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