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In a little under three weeks, Techno Heads of the world will descend upon Detroit for their annual pilgrimage to the birthplace of Techno. Whether this is your first, second, or fifteenth pilgrimmage, we got you covered! This is the first of two artist profiles and this one will feature those who had a profound impact on the scene in the 1990's. So sit back, relax, put on those headphones, and learn what the pioneers have in store for us!

Octave One (Live) - Saturday 6:30PM-7:30PMStargate Stage

Octave One (photo by Marie Staggart)

Octave One (photo by Marie Staggart)

Octave One is comprised of the five Burden brothers, each of whom, on top of being instrumentalists, are top notch producers. Simply put, this is a musical family not to be messed with. They are also some of the biggest music tech junkies in the game and are the type of people to buy a new piece of equipment only to tear it apart, tweak it, and use it as they see fit. The core of the group is Lawrence & Lenny Burden, who do the mass majority of the touring, DJ'ing and live performances. The three other Burden brothers contribute to songs, projects, and albums, from time to time. This set will be pure heat! 

Stacey Pullen - Saturday 7:30PM-8:30PM - Stargate Stage

Stacey Pullen

Stacey Pullen

Stacey is one of several driving forces behind the "Second Wave" of Detroit Techno. This can be attributed to his stellar work ethic and willingness to learn from his mentor, Derrick May. An instrumentalist at heart, his versatility shines brightly when he stands behind decks to sling out his best. Hailing from New Jersey, his prolific touring schedule has him jet-setting around the world to spin DJ sets in all manner of venues. Surely his travels have filled his brain with sounds he’s excited to unleash on his hometown, almost as excited as we are to hear his masterful skills at work! 

Richie Hawtin CLOSE - Saturday 10:45PM - 12:00AM - Movement Stage                   

Richie Hawtin

Richie Hawtin

Richie premiered his MODEL 1 mixer last year to overwhelmingly positive reviews. The Play Differently MODEL1's ambassadors are a seriously impressive roster. Notables performing at Movement are Nicole Moudaber, Chris Leibing, and Paco Osuna. Richie's latest project, CLOSE, aims to give viewers an experience closer to his own by bringing visual projections that are directly in sync with his DJ set. To accomplish this his setup includes a myriad of cameras to capture his every move. The movements are then re-visualized in real-time in the form of light projections that ring the DJ booth. Simply put, this is not a set to be missed, having debuted at Coachella only a few weeks ago to very high reviews. What better place than Detroit to see the master's newest project?

Robert Hood - Saturday 11:00PM-12:00AM - Pyramid Stage

Robert Hood

Robert Hood

Robert was a key part of the "Second Wave of Techno" to emerge out of Detroit and is often credited with being one of the true founders of minimal techno. The "Second Wave" came as a response to the genre's growth during the explosion of the rave scene in the early to mid 90's. Robert's inspiration came from what he describes as the loss of the "emotional element" that techno was founded upon. To counteract this, he strove to take it back to basics by straying away from the over-played sounds and sticking to sets filled with melodic grooves and simple beats. This notion can be seen in his latest album release, titled "Paradygm Shift", released on Dekmantel last month. It was the Dutch label’s 50th release! You should probably go check it out!

Kevin Saunderson as E-Dancer - Sunday 10:00PM-11:00PMStargate Stage

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Kevin Saunderson

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This Detroit legend playing twice this year. His first set will be with the three founders of techno, known as "the Belleville Three" (make sure you don’t miss these three legends either!). E-Dancer started as a project in the mid 90's and debuted with an album in 1998 to critical success. Kevin only just released his first E-dancer song since the 1998 release, so excitement for E-dancer has found renewed vigor! He describes this project as being true to the underground; filled with darker and deeper sounds that wouldn't fly at a bottle service club. 

DJ Harvey - 2:00PM-5:00PM - Stargate Stage

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DJ Harvey

DJ Harvey, the king of free love and disco, embodies all the values that Funky Fresh Fire hope to inspire. His ultra-inclusive approach to his track selection, not to mention his legendary parties, have kept him at the pinnacle of the underground scene for decades (and for good reason). His sets are, at the very least, a bit confusing, yet always remain refreshing. He clearly gives no thought to what sounds and flavors he should play, instead choosing whatever the hell he wants to play. With that in mind, we should point out that he is one of only two performers who has been given a 3 hour set.

Terrence Parker feat Merachka - Monday 8:00PM-9:00PM - Made in Detroit Stage

TP the Telephone Man W/ 

TP the Telephone Man W/ 

Terrence Parker, aka TP, is all that is Detroit house music. This legend is famous far and wide for his use of a telephone instead of headphones to mix in his top-notch track selections. 2017 marks another year in a career full of notables, with the release of two full-length albums, “God is Love” (Jan, 2017), and the forthcoming “Motor City Life.” Performing on stage with him at Movement 2017 is Merachka, a fellow Detroit techno DJ who TP claims reminds him of his younger self. This is extremely high praise, and we are extremely excited to see what new flavors she brings to the table. 

Kerri Chandler - Monday 8:00PM-9:00PM - Stargate Stage

kerri Chandler

Kerri Chandler

Who loves vocals?? WE love vocals!!! If we could snag a single tracklist from all of Movement this would be the one. You can bet your ass that from start to finish we will be dancing our little hearts out in front of the DJ booth. If you’re not familiar, Kerri calls out his jazz and disco roots as informing his special brand of house music. This leads to sets that sound as if the glory days time traveled to remind us what it feels like to dance with abandon as our souls gets filled with delight.

Carl Craig presents Versus Synthesizer Ensemble - Monday 8:55PM-9:55PM - Movement Stage

Stacey Pullen Carl Craig

Stacey Pullen & Carl Craig

Another hometown hero playing twice this year! His first slot will see him performing a DJ set, while the later one will feature a full ensemble of synthesizers to showcase a live set in the vein of his recent album, “Versus”. This project is the product of a decade-long partnership with Paris-based Les Siècles Orchestra, Moritz von Oswald, and François-Xavier Roth. Versus reinvents Carl's old Techno tracks as orchestral pieces. The 14 track release has a wide range of emotional pieces, and only ONE of them has a drum kick. The album just so happened to drop May 5th so you should do yourself a favor and check it out! 

Carl Cox - Monday 10:00PM-12:00AM - Movement Stage

Carl Cox Space

Carl Cox Space

Have you ever seen the King do his signature finger waggle? Oh yes, oh yes? Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes! Just last year Carl Cox was given the honor of closing out Space Ibiza for it's last ever set! This year he's been chosen to close out the best techno festival in the world! We are beyond excited!

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