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Dirtybird Artists Explain The First Time They Heard a Dirtybird Track

The Dirtybird OGs have inspired the new kids on the block.
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Dirtybird's compilation is sizzling hot, just like the summer the record label has planned ahead for their artists and their fans. With an eclectic mesh of artists, we sat down with some of the label's newer artists to learn one incredibly important thing- when did they first hear Dirtybird's unique sound? 

Seumas Norv

Breach - Let's Get Hot

“Breach, for me, has been an innovator and a revolutionary. Since then, he has been a source of inspiration for my birth as a House Music artist. This is a track that surely has marked the beginning of my experimentation and thanks to its influence, I have made a song suitable for Dirtybird!”


Claude Vonstroke - Deep Throat

“The first Dirtybird track i ever heard was Claude VonStroke's “Deep Throat”. Although it’s a rather peculiar name, the track suits it well. I remember the first time heard it as well, actually washing my car. For some reason it made me do a 'Filter Mouth’ (a term used in the production world when you move your mouth while turning the filter). The track still to this day makes my jaw move and 99% a reminder i need to be washing my wheels!”

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Style of Eye - The Big Kazoo

I was a late comer to House as Hip Hop was my first love until I was around 14. At the time I was listening to a lot of Dennis Ferrer, Kerri Chandler and the likes. When I heard how stripped back The Big Kazoo was, with no vocals, 808s and a kazoo sample. It opened my ears to a different sound entirely.


DJ Galen & Justin Martin - Dust Devil

I first heard this in Justin Martin's essential mix. There's something very sexy about it. I'm not sure what instrument they used to make that windy thing that comes in at the build of the track but it is really interesting to me. I love how the whole track leads up the this amazing and unique drop. It's still one of my all time favorites.

Get the new Dirtybird: Secret Ingredients Compilation here, via Beatport. 

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