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May your 4th be filled with disco! We've picked out some serious heavy hitters primed to get you in the mood for the weekend. We start off with a groovy edit from our favorite Russian disco producer and then head straight into the jams. There's quite a few here that are summer-time ready, which is mighty poignant for us Texans, as last weekend marked our first taste of triple digit weather this year. 

Star Wars disco is might hard to come by, but we threw in a couple personal favorites at the bottom, along with the playlist containing all this glorious new tuneage! Enjoy y'all.

1. "Human Nation (Valique's Nuyorika Mix)" - Miles Ahead - Vehicle

Valique, aka Vehicle, is a one man disco label based out of Moscow who is doing the good work of spreading the gospel, one mad bootleg at a time. Let's just say he has a very particular set of skills. A set of skills that allows him to do edits of EVERY flavor. Ranging from Muddy Waters to Prodigy, don't be fooled by the jumbled names on his releases. He very much knows what he's doing.

2. "Mystic Love" - Jay Airiness & Perlair - Diggin Deeper

Come get lost on this magic carpet ride. The weather is breezy, the jazz is dreamy, and the driving bass-line will keep everything in order. You've been warned, you wont want it to end!

3. "Back to Summertime" - Blende

Will it Blende??? You bet your ass. Pardon the memes, we're just super excited that we get some new material from this Dutch master of nu-disco. Forreal, every single release with his name on it is absolute GOLD, and he's been holding his stuff close to the chest for some time. BRB, gonna put it on repeat for the next 3 months.

4. "Allaround (Kraak & Smaak Remix)" - Parcels

You'll throw this one on your "Sunday Summer Drive" playlist if you know whats good for you! Kraak & Smaak have the lightest touch in the business, and they excel at bringing a cohesiveness to their tracks that leave you feeling the best, wholesome type of happy. This one is no exception. Despite it's wistful nature, they bring us the good vibes in the most glorious fashion. 

5. "Love Love Love (Les Loups Remix)" - Moullinex - Discotexas

Les Loups are nu-disco royalty, specializing in a breed of sunshine that fills your heart with love but doesn't skip out on the noggin. The title tells the rest of the story and we're glad to be doing our part to spread it!

6. "Under The Radar (James Rod Remix)" - Julian Sanza - Spa In Disco Records

This one can best be classified as 1980s Miami Vice disco. It's best enjoyed in a convertible-top ripping down line after line of bright neon streets. It rolls and rolls and rolls and rolls. Nice work James Rod!

7. "Madness" - The Silver Rider - Diggin' Disco Deep

Some super deep disco coming at you right here! The Silver Rider does a great job of catching your attention early with a swanky groove that continues to build upon itself. Then, out of nowhere, mind-blowing vocals drop. Definitely some good deep-disco right here!

8. "Feel The Groove" - Tandem Disco - Doin' Work Records

A disco tandem by the name of Tandem Disco delivered a groove that WE certainly felt doin' work on us. Do you see what just happened there?

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9. "Can't Stop Movin" - Serge Funk - Groove Culture

Look at the artist name, song title, and record label. What are the odds this song isn't funky-fresh-fire approved? Slim to none! This one's as funkalicious and groove-tastic as they come! This ones fresh off a newly formed label named Groove Culture founded by Micky More & Andy Tee. True fans know we've featured both those guys on our charts before!

10. "Changes Changin'" - Anhanguera - 294 Records

This just might be the catchiest one on the chart and that's saying a lot! This one starts hot from the get go, with powerful vocals repeating the catchiest "Changes Changin" phrase you've ever heard. What really makes this track is the soulful touch on the vocals. It's got that authentic classic 70's era sound. 

11. "Silver Haze"- Beats Antique featuring Adam Theis - Open Sessions #1

This track will definitely catch you off guard. It's far different from the rest, and for good reason! Open Sessions is a special project by Beats Antique wherein they release recordings from their time with some of their most admired musicians. The first one here is featuring the Bay Area's jazz wizard, Adam Theis. 

12. "For You (J Paul Getto Remix)" - KORT feat. Jessica Symonds - Tropical Velvet

This is a straight up feel good tuneage filled with old and new disco flavors. If you're ready to feel fabulous you're gonna want to eat this one up ASAP! J Paul Getto is one of our favorite disco house producers and he delivers some spicy heat on this one.

13. "Endless Summer" - Alma Negra - Heist Recordings

Heist Recordings founding duo Detroit Swindle specializes in a special brand of stripped down house music. Somehow, they always throw in some low-key funky elements that tie the tracks together into dance-floor cheaters. "Endless Summer" is Alma Negra's debut EP on the label, and his jazzy afro-house flavors will fit right in. 

14. "El Nino" - Low End Massacre

We warn you at least once a chart, but trust us, this time it's this one. Stretch the shoulders, neck, and toes, because you're going to want to be prepared to move your body! Best of all, it's got that old-school disco feel that makes you wish it never left. 

15. "Cobblejam" - Dawn Again & Rothmans 

Shoutout to our girl Kris for bringing this one to us last minute! This one might not sound like a fit at first, but holy cow it won't matter for long! You'll need a breather after taking this epic space-trip filled with synths and hidden bass-lines. Absolute masterpiece, it's the perfect sendoff!

Playlist time!!

Now, as promised, some Star Wars goodies!

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