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DJ Academy Dubspot Accused of Fraud by Both Students and Teachers

DJ Endo also notes he was paid in equipment, not money when he left the company.

THUMP has reported that the renowned DJ-ing school has been accused of fraud by former students and teachers, and that "over 55 students alleged that the school did not deliver the classes which they had paid for upfront, and in some cases have not issued refunds." 

Students have further complained in emails that a lack of communication, canceled or rescheduled classes, and no-shows from teachers when classes did go on as scheduled (the teachers had not been paid their fees to be at the classes). 

CEO Dan Giove currently is in a midst of legal battles of his own, and was apparently volatile and erratic in behavior. Many insiders also disclose that the opening of their LA branch (both NY and LA locations are now closed) was ill-advised and many tried to stop the location from opening. Those people were fired by Giove in a meeting. 

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DJ Endo, aka Mike Henderson helped deign a large part of its core curriculum, noted that when he quite the company, "he was given audio gear by an apologetic CEO Dan Giove in lieu of owed paychecks and commissions." 

Taking advantage of people's desire to learn about music is a horrific way to take advantage of people, particularly since so many of its core students are younger adults. There are a whole host of different stories in THUMP's latest findings. Check those out here. All we know now is to find a friend who can teach you a thing or two on a deck while Dubspot sorts itself out. 

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