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As a kid in high school during the bloghaus era, I remember falling in awe of all of the young people in the music scene. I was obsessed with going on to websites like RCRD LBL and Vacay Vitamins (RIP to both) after school every day, finding writers that shared similar music tastes, downloading rips of MP3's, ruining the family computer with Limewire viruses, and generally finding out that there was a place where good music reigns and the weirdos were kings. Music gave me hope that there was more to life than the bubble I was growing up in and pushed me to get into a better school. If only I had known then that I would one day be in charge of one of my own. 

A lot has changed since then in the world of music writing and blogging, but music has always continued to push me to be better, stronger, faster. Through all the bad breakups, impossible exams, arguments, struggles, horrible workouts, and more, music has been the friend that never let me down. My best memories are rooted in festivals and shows and my friends mostly work in music; no matter what, my life will always center on this safe space, and it's all because of places like Magnetic, where kids that don't live in central cities can experience a life where they don't have to feel marginalized, and for those of us in cities to learn more about things happening in our backyards. 

I am so proud of all that the staff and I were able to accomplish together during my time as editor at Magnetic, and I believe we did vital work, especially as we increasingly fought against a particularly turbulent political, social, financial, and even at times environmental, climate. Now more than ever in our lifetimes might be the time to prove why the music community is stronger than ever, and I am excited to move on to the next chapter as a contributor and having Alex in charge. 

I know Magnetic is about to have its best months yet, and I am particularly excited to continue making Magnetic one of the finest names in electronic and dance music platforms. 

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Thank you all for so much and much love to all. 

Kristi Kiku Shinfuku 

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