Housekeeping will be performing at Koko on May 13.

If you're seeing the week come up on the horizon the way we are, you're looking for the perfect mix or track to end the working week. While we obviously can't say for sure what exactly you're in need of musically, but we think we've got something truly great in the form of a mix from Housekeeping Collective's Carl Waxberg. 

The melodic mix transcends the lines of their tech house and techno, bringing along subtle touches of funk and soul that make their musical style so unique within the London music scene. The nearly one-hour long mix is ready to be whatever you musically need right now, and in lieu of a stiff drink, we're depending on this week to take us to the end. 

Check out the exclusive mix below. 

He's also playing at Koko in London with the rest of the Housekeeping crew on May 13. More information on that show can be found here


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