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Exclusive Mix: Sian Gets Us Ready With an Exclusive Techno Mix For Barcelona/Ibiza/Sète-Bound Shipsomnia Festival Cruise

Shipsomnia will run from June 14-18.

Shipsomnia is getting ready to embark on a trip through Barcelona, Ibiza, and Sète for a wild 4 days of partying, lounging, incredible music listening, and more. While we won't be around personally (damn Europe for being a little too far from us), we have got a little treat for all of those that are making it to the cruise-based festival. 

Sian is set to perform at Shipsomnia, and to get a little sneak peek of what he's going to be throwing down on the ship, we've got an exclusive mix today that's guaranteed to get you ready for the madness heading our way. 

Check out the flier for the event and mix below. For more information on Shipsomnia, which is running from June 14-18, check out their homepage here

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