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Exclusive Mix: SpacegeishA Brings Her Eclectic Bass Style to Get Us Ready For Lightning in a Bottle Festival

Lightning in a Bottle will run from May 24-29.

It's the afternoon, it's dangerously hot outside, and the weather has us ready to search for a pool or at least a heavily air conditioned building and blast some music until the heat subsides. While we can't help you with your geographic location by any means, we think we might be able to help out with your music needs. SpacegeishA and the DoLab team have given us an exclusive mix to present to our readers today, and we haven't been able to stop playing since we first heard got our hands on it. 

SpacegeishA is a project started by Philly native that's currently residing in San Francisco. Her bio tells us that she "infuses a myriad of futuristic melodies" that incorporates a mesh of glitch, bass, dubstep, trance, drum and bass, and more.  As she gets ready for her performance at Lightning in a Bottle Festival, this mix has us eagerly counting down the days until the event. 

Check out the mix below and find more information on their homepage here

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