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I was looking forward to this all week as we raced from the Hyde Away, which was miles away, to the Smashbox and Funboy "floato-opps" shuttle parking lot. As we parked and rushed to the check-in girl, who was packing up her station, we were joined by one more gal eager to attend. With wristbands on we three jumped into a waiting black SUV and were shuttled up winding roads to the Frederick Loewe Estate. As we exited our ride, I immediately caught a glimpse of one of my favorite personalities, Nicol Concilio, a popular Snapchat and Youtube cosmetics celeb, waiting to board a shuttle back to the lot. Brushing shoulders with her was a thrill and as we entered the estate, we were greeted by a pair of inflated metallic blue lips and a mid 70's Cadillac convertible, dressed in a motif of dripping swatches of liquid lipstick shades, celebrating the launch of Smashbox's Be Legendary Liquid Metal lip gloss.

a convertible lip service Cadillac...drool...

a convertible lip service Cadillac...drool...

Opposite to the caddy was another pouty Funboy pool floaty tacked to a wall of green which made for a lovely photo wall.

Mr. Deville, I'm ready for my close up...

Mr. Deville, I'm ready for my close up...

Delving further into the palatial estate, we were greeted by a wall of lips that stretched towards three large teepees where ladies were getting their lips touched up with metallics while Bumble and Bumble provided different color streaks for their hair.

lips, libations and teepees...

lips, libations and teepees...

As we approached the first teepee, we came across Global Pro Lead Artist for Smashbox Cosmetics, Lori Taylor Davis, giving style blogger and Ipsy stylist, Karen Yeung (@iamkareno), a touchup with the new Smashbox Spotlight Palette co-created by YouTube star Casey Holmes. Being an aficionado and lover of all things cosmetic and also an avid follower of Lori's Youtube videos (covering all Smashbox products), it was a surreal treat to watch this artist at work.

Lori Taylor Davis touches up Karen Yeung

an industry pro (Lori Taylor Davis) touching up an industry it-girl (Karen Yeung)

Smashbox Be Legendary Liquid Metal Lip Glosses

a treasure trove of lip glosses from Smashbox.

If that wasn't enough, overflowing baskets filled with the newest liquid metal lip glosses were set on tables for guests to enjoy. I was ecstatic to grab a couple shades of these awesome Be Legendary Liquid Lip Pigments and metallics. These full coverage, high shine liquid lipsticks, like their inflatable counter-parts, were definitely the stars of this party. Smashbox's Lip Editor in Chief, Vlada Haggerty has used them to create some out of this world inspirational lip art, using beads, crystals, and dripping pools of color.

Vlada Haggerty lip art

a liptastic collage of Vlada Haggerty's beautiful creativity.

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Vlada's unconventional insta-perfect lip closeups aren't something we plan on recreating ourselves for a night out, but as visual works of art they are mesmerizing and we can't wait to see more of these from Vladamua. Moving the focus from lips to hair, Bumble and Bumble stepped in with new colors of their Bb.Color Stick. The Original edition helped add natural color to roots, but the ones that were being given away at the party came in wilder shades and were a quick and fun way to streak a bit of colorful flair into your locks via a lipstick-like twist up crayon.

crayons for your hair...

crayons for your hair...

Professional make overs weren't the only luxury that guests were treated to, as cocktails and alcohol infused paletas were offered to quench all thirsts under the hot Palm Springs sun. 

cocktails and alcoholic paletas at the Funboy x Smashbox pool party 2017

floating and frozen cocktails...out in the desert.

For those feeling the grumbles of the tummy (like us), an awesome mobile taco bar was present to fulfill any hungered needs. Short rib tacos? 3 PLEASE! and yes, they were DELICIOUS!

Taco bar at the Funboy x Smashbox pool party

Chicken and veggie options were also available but we were ALL ABOUT the short rib tacos!!!

One of the MUST DO activities at the pool party was the never-before-seen "Floato-opps" photo booth! Orchestrated by a camera suspended from a crane for aerial shots of people lounging on Funboy’s metallic lip shaped pool floats. Coupled with studio lighting and a team of editors, this Floato-opps booth was a big quality production. We were wondering how event planners were going to get guests to hop onto floaties in a pool for pictures, considering that many guests would have other events to attend. Mystery solved! Along with the photo apparatus, a massive printed drop cloth of a pool lay beneath the floats giving the illusion of being on top of a lagoon of water. "Everyone look up to the sky and say CHEEEESE!"

the floato opps photo booth at the Funboy x Smashbox 2017 pool party

big production for a moisture-free in-pool photo.

We're too sexy for these lips...too sexy for these lips...

We're too sexy for these lips...too sexy for these lips...

As the sun was slowly setting behind the mountains, we grabbed one for the road and walked back to a waiting SUV. Thank you Smashbox and Funboy for an awesome floaty cosmetic oasis in the heart of Palm Springs.

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