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Operating with versatility in the electronic music space is a very tough task. The many hundred vague genres act as quasi sound-silos, when in truth, inspiration comes from artists eschewing structure in the reckless pursuit of their freshest sound as they see it. 

Enter Wolf + Lamb Records. This label stands on its own as a unique example of what it looks like when convention and standards are thrown out the window entirely. The total sum of their sound doesn't fit into any of the tired genre tags; the only descriptor that DOES come to mind is "boundless." With releases from artists including Soul Clap, disco masters that we name-drop on the regular, to the tasteful nu-jazz influences of No Regular Play, a release off of Wolf + Lamb is the utmost pedigree for any artist looking the eschew boundaries in the pursuit of exploration. 

Today we bring you the label's premiere of a fresh act, and boy do they fit the mold. The Fitness and Pony are a genre blending duo hailing from Montreal that weave together incredible techno beats with a brutal flavor of hard-spitting gangster rap. The combination is truly something to behold, and their incredibly unique chemistry is readily apparent on this latest work, "Freak Out". 

The Fitness had this to say about this incredible dance-floor tool: 

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"Freak Out was the first track I made with the legendary SH-101 synth. I made a version with original vocals and played it out a lot, but when Pony got a hold of it he took it to another level. He brought the gritt the track needed and put the F-U back in F-U-N."

'nuff said.... If this one is up your alley do yourself a favor and peep "Sex I'm An Addict", a raunchy tune of theirs fresh off legendary Soul Clap Records!

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