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Get 38 Synths via 17 Instruments

The syntronik will be available starting July.

A new software package from IK Multimedia has put together 38 classic synths into 17 instruments, called the Syntronik. The samples come from various synths, including "Moog’s Minimoog Model D, Oberheim’s OB-X, the Roland Juno-60 and TB-303 Bassline," among so many others. 

The program also features "four circuit-level models of four vintage filters- Moog’s transistor ladder, found in the Minimoog; Roland’s IR3109 chip, found in the Jupiter-8; the Curtis CEM3320, from the Prophet-5; and the Oberheim SEM state variable filter." It also allows users to mix and match filters through different instruments. 

You can purchase the entire package here in July for $149.99/€99.99. 

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