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Google Creates the Nsynth (Neural Audio Synthesis) To Create Never Before Heard Instruments

Synthesized hybrid instruments are the future of music.

Google is studying AI to create new instruments, according to a new article by Wired Magazine. The project is a part of Google Magenta, who have crafted together the Nsynth to study whether AI can be utilized to create art and music. 

The results seem to be pretty impressive already, with combinations of different instruments already producing a style and sounds that borrow from more traditional instruments. 

On the project, the Nsynth team note: 

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“Unlike a traditional synthesizer which generates audio from hand-designed components like oscillators and wavetables, NSynth uses deep neural networks to generate sounds at the level of individual samples." 

 The results are impressive (as seen below), and while we can't be sure that these instruments will be available soon, they do have the potential to bring new sounds to the music world. 

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