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Gratitude Migration Announces Phase Two Line Up and Theme Camp Contest

Local NY festival has revealed their Phase Two lineup and has announced a contest for all approved Theme Camps.

Gratitude Migration is a three day festival on hELLo Beach in Keansburg, NJ on July 14th-16th! Filled with lots of Burner love and Leave No Trace ethos, Gratitude Migration is a festival that inhabits a unique atmosphere of laid-back patrons and individuals who want to spend a weekend listening to great music camping on the beach. 

Yesterday, Gratitude had dropped two announcements- one of which was their Phase Two lineup which is stocked with Northeast locals from NYC and some even from Boston: 


What is really interesting about this year is the festival's incubator program where it had allowed small groups of 10 + patrons to get together and apply to be a theme camp. Those who have been approved were just informed that they can participate in a contest where the winners get a chance to win their own Festival Dome for their camp space. Archimedes Dome is hosting the contest and will award the winning Theme Camp: 

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  • Nomad Sized Canopy Kit - along with personalized consulting and planning with the Archimedes Team, including an initial planning session, trip to Spandex House to pick their fabric, and a trip to our shop in Brooklyn to see it being made.
  • Members of the theme camp will get custom booty shorts/tights / tanks/tees made in the same spandex as their dome

However, all participants will receive: 

  • Spandex clothing consolation prizes
  • An hour of free consolation about domes and community and how to most effectively use them with the Archimedes team
  • A 25% discount on any of the Archimedes Dome kits

Take a moment help vote here!

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