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Jarreau Vandal is probably a pretty well-known name to anyone who spent time checking out Soulection or the Hear This Collective, and it's no surprise that he's a big favorite for a lot of music fans out there in general. With his jazzy, R&B tinged songs and energetic sets, it's obvious why everyone from Diplo to Mistajam have fallen in love with the emerging artist. 

His sets, in particular, have been an incredible favorite of ours for a while now, and so when we had the chance to sit down with him, we had him create the ultimate guide for how to craft the perfect set. Here's what he had to say: 

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Preparation is the absolute key. Not everyone has to prepare as much have a great DJ set, but if you play every weekend and want to play a set that people will never forget you better get into it!

This means before you even make a playlist, Just imagine yourself playing the given timeslot on that particular show and make your track selection suitable for that moment for example: don't go to hard, and ruin it for the next DJ if you play an early slot. See it happening, imagine the venue and the people in the venue and get hyped. 

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Keep it organised

keep all your music organized. This can be done in the way you prefer. Think about Genre, mood, hard, soft, sexy, wedding etc.

Store your music on harddrives and make backups of backups, try to do this every other month.

My first few years of DJ'ing my music was all over the place and it made preparing my set a tiring job of searching for music on my laptop. Sometimes it even took away the fun of it, which is the worst that can happen if it's also your job.

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Be unique

Don't play what every other DJ plays. Be Unique and make sure that after the set people will tell you they've never seen/heard a set like this before. 

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I often see a lot of DJ's look down or even worse looking on their laptop screen too much. If you want the crowd to enjoy, next to making good mixes you have to communicate with them. Study them for a while and try to make them move. Show them how much you enjoy the music you carefully selected, Dance, Jump, Grab the mic, Don't be shy. You need to give a crowd some energy before you can receive it back. However sometimes you just have to take a L and accept a stiff crowd. It'll make you tough and even more experienced.

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