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Here One True Wireless Earbuds Deliver Big On Features and Sound

If you are looking to get into the True Wireless world, the Here One buds are worth a listen
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I've been interested in True Wireless technology since the first buds started emerging just under two years ago and as a headphone junky, I was getting excited about all the possibilities. 

I got my hands on a couple of models, and they were decent but not quite good enough for me to make a full-time switch to true wireless buds, there just weren't enough upsides until now. 

Doppler Labs has been teasing the Here One for a while now, and before the One's arrival, there was the Here which was essentially a pair of very expensive and tricked out earplugs with active noise filters which were VERY cool but lacked a lot of practical applications. 

Now the technology of the original Here has merged with ear buds, and you have the Here One. Here are my thoughts.


Build Quality | Comfort

Out of the box, they feel a little light, but that was done with intent as heavy buds would drop out of your ears. The plastic case is a little bigger than a lighter and fits into your pocket easily and also acts as a battery charger while your buds are inside giving you about 3x full charges. 

The buds come with both foam and rubber tips, in small through large so you should be in good shape finding the right size to stay in your ear nice and snug. 

I've worn these for a full life cycle which is about two hours, and they never bothered me, and at a certain point, I almost forgot they were in my ears. So all in all these are very comfortable, but you will have a learning curve to get over the "oh crap these are about to fall out of my ears" feeling, so far I've not lost one even during workouts. 


Sound Quality

For wireless buds, the Here One delivers big on sound with a nice overall range of highs, mids and decent lows for a true wireless. I have much better sounding wired models, but that's to be expected, and the Here One's have a secret weapon on board that sets them apart. 

I tested a variety of genres like I usually do and they worked well with just about everything, it's a very solid B+ for sound quality, and they performed well with most genres. I ran it through a bunch of songs on the Spotify playlist "Songs To Test Headphones With" and the only big gripe is that the bass got muddy here and there but I was expecting that. Overall most people will be pleased with the sound especially with the filters engaged. 

The filters are the secret weapons that I was referring to earlier; you can dial the noise canceling into perfection where the outside world almost falls completely away. 

There are specific filters for different environments like airplanes, trains, subways, buses, city, crowds, office, etc. that help you quickly find the right filter for each situation. It's fun to experiment with all of these, and you will slowly but surely find the ones that work the best for you. 

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You can also set the buds to act as a real-time EQ for outside listening, so if you are at a concert and you want to change up the sound to suit your liking you can just fiddle with the EQ on your phone until you get it perfect. This is one of my favorite features as there is just nothing else like it on the market. 

The noise canceling is superb and if you work in a coop space or noisy office this functionality will delight you if you want some quiet. 


Connection | Technology

One of my biggest problems with other true wireless headphones I've tested is a constant problem with connectivity. The Here One's don't have this issue, you just set them up once with your device and then whenever you pull them out of the case they sync perfectly. This functionality working every time makes a big difference as with the others I was always messing with them trying to get them to pair.

The range is also impressive, I walked away from my phone and went over 20 feet away onto another floor and never lost the connection. 

Battery life is just meh, they only last about two hours so if you are on a long commute, they just don't cut it. This will be one of the bigger challenges for all manufacturers is how to beat the two-hour barrier. 

The application is kind of like the nerve center for the buds, you can control all the features from the app like EQ, filters and it interfaces well with your sound sources like Spotify, Apple Music, etc. 

The touch controls are also a nice touch with simple one and two touch taps that allow you to stop the music and activate a "Bypass" feature that immediately lets you hear people clearly rather than having to pull your buds out of your ears. You can also take calls on them and use to activate Siri which is quite handy when you are on the go. 


The Here One is not for everyone; many people will find the hassle of constantly charging or the units small size too much of a headache. Then again the Here One wasn't designed for your parents, this is a cutting edge piece of gear made specifically for on the move music fanatics that work and live in noisy environments. So in that respect, they are some of the best, if not the best true wireless buds on the market today. 

I've not tested the airpods but my guess is that the Here One is superior on many levels, but then again they also cost almost twice as much. 

Coming in at $299 you are on the high end of the true wireless ecosystem but you are also getting what you pay for. So if you are someone that is always moving around, in spaces that are filled with noise pollution and need to be active on the phone, the Here Ones will make you VERY happy.  

For More Info Check the Here One Website

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