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How To DJ a House Party With Your Smartphone Even If You Aren't A DJ

Forget your CDJs? No Turntables? Not actually a DJ? Don't worry you can still rock a party with your phone, seriously.

The turntable emerged as a musical instrument during the 1940s and 50s when the world's experimental composers started sampling and creating music entirely produced by the turntable. The music they created shifted perceptions about what was possible with something not traditionally considered an instrument. As radio DJs emerged and played the world’s trending music, turntables rose to prominence and hit the mainstream.

Today’s amateur and professional DJ’s alike have moved beyond turntables and into the digital age to create mind blowing DJ sets never possible on vinyl. But you don't need complicated an expensive equipment to curate, play and replicate your favorite sound. Instead, rely on your own smartphone to produce music that keeps the party going all night long. So even if you just love curating music and making playlists you can still step up and rock a friends party.

Here’s how to DJ your next house party right from your smartphone and bring down the house.

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Use the Right Smartphone

Just about every smartphone comes with the capability to produce and play EDM tracks for a house party. But Android phones are especially known for their music-centric features that replicate the feel and sound of professional DJ equipment. For example, the LG V20 comes with the latest ES9218 DAC from ESS to help improve noise performance and total harmonic distortion. They also report a 75 stage analog volume control and hardware for channel balancing controls. You may not care about the jargon behind the features, but using the right smartphone and equipment in the first place can transform a house party from fun to transcendent.

Accessorize Yourself

You don't have to give up your favorite equipment once you've found the perfect smartphone. It's entirely possible to use a standalone mixer along with your smartphone at your next house party. The Pioneer XDJ-AERO can play files from a smartphone, laptop or USB to enhance the sound of your music. Use it with Android or iPhone and use built-in hardware effects like Beat Effect. For something smaller and more cost effective, Monoprice's portable DJ mixer easily connects and mixes right from your smartphone or tablet.

There’s an App for That

Choosing the right apps can make or break the music for your next house party. Start with DJ Studio 5 to try a free music mixer for a basic tool to mix two tunes together. Meanwhile, DJ 2 combines your local collection of songs along with Spotify Premium to draw from a wide range of playlists and selections. You can also try Traktor DJ to get more control over your house party music with a 3-band equalizer, channel filter, cross-fader and reverb effects. The app also makes mixing smooth and a notification center offers tips to improve your DJ experience.

Curate the Ultimate Playlist

The best accessories and apps in the world won’t replace the perfect playlist that gets guests on their feet at your next house party. Chances are you are going to need some big songs if you are playing a house party and a lot of different genres, so start scouring YouTube pages like The Sound You Need or Majestic Casual to kickoff your song curation. Spotify also offers an instant playlist option to tap into a ready-to-go EDM experience if you are not all that familiar with every genre. But to really impress the crowd, draw from your own favorites and a curated list from friends or curated SoundCloud pages to get suggestions on favorite and lesser known dance tracks.

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