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Imagine A Chocolaty "Starburst Like" Chew That Gives You Energy And Mellows You Out

A great alternative for caffeine fiends
Kannaway Energy Chew

These are now all gone... 

Kannaway's Chocolate Energy Chews might be the best thing to hit the market since coffee; they are that good. I love my coffee it's the one vice I will hold on to until the end, but too much caffeine in any form often yields very unpleasant results. It makes you grouchy, irritable and often messes with your stomach, so there are some big downsides as well. 

Kannaway has come to the rescue of all caffeine fiends with a new product that mixes hemp CBD and 100 mg of caffeine (about a cup of coffee's worth) into a small starburst style chocolate chew. At first, it seemed like a strange combination, why would you want to energize and mellow out at the same time? Simple, the CBD from the hemp oil creates a mellowing effect that counters the typical negative side effects from too much caffeine. It's the perfect solution for those that need a bigger dose of caffeine but don't want to suffer the negative side effects.  

If you weren't already aware, the CBD from hemp is legal in all 50 states as there is no psychoactive effect produced from this cannabinoid. There are arguments that CBD just from hemp is not as good as from the cannabis plant, where many argue that the cannabinoids must work together to be wholly effective. There is some merit to both sides of the debate but I've tested many hemp CBD products, and there was a very noticeable mellowing effect for me across the board. 

Hemp CBD oil is used for many different ailments including treatment of inflammation, symptoms of diabetes, seizures, and anxiety. What's exciting is that we haven't even begun to fully understand the power of these plants (cannabis/hemp) and this stuff is working for people. 

The Kannaway Energy Chews are a perfect example of adding CBD to a product and maximizing its healthy properties. Kannaway also happens to manufacture high-quality organic hemp oil, so you know you are getting a good clean source of CBD oil in their products. So yes, we have a new form of edible in town and it's designed for your health.

It's important to note that you really should research where the hemp oil is coming from in any product you consume as there are a lot of low-grade hemp oil manufacturers out there. These lower grade oils can have crap in them and also be very unreliable in the actual dosage of CBD you are getting. Kannaway's Full-Spectrum Premium Hemp Oil contains a fractional amount of THC (0.26%) which does not give you any "high, " and with 10.31% total potential CBD, it is one of the better oils on the market. 

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Another benefit of the energy chew is that the calorie count is dramatically lower than your soy latte, energy drink or many other caffeinated drinks on the market. Coming in at a measly 20 calories and delivering a very nice mellow buzz, you might think twice about guzzling down that big calorie coffee drink that is loaded with sugar.

The Kannaway Chocolate Energy Chews also help you avoid the crash of traditional caffeinated beverages. Coffee and energy drinks act quickly because your body is metabolizing them quickly, so this can often result in a significant spike of energy which results in the classic crash because blood sugar and glycogen levels have dropped a couple of hours later. The chews provide a slow release of 100 mg of caffeine which creates a more even and manageable energy flow and the CBD also helps calm any of the anxiety or irritability often brought on by caffeine. 

Kannaway energy chew

two of these and you are good to go.

As a pretty heavy coffee drinker I was taking two chews to start my morning, and although there wasn't an immediate burst, I did have a more steady stream of energy through the afternoon. Since caffeine is also a diuretic, it's important that you also consume plenty of water, this will also help keep your energy levels way up throughout the day. 

The chews also contain a B vitamin complex that also helps your body regulate your dietary intake and keeps up your energy levels throughout the day. If you take two chews, you are almost getting your entire daily dose of vitamin B as well, which is another benefit and allows you to skip taking the vitamins in the morning. 

What about the taste? This is not something that is an issue for me, it could taste unpleasant, and I still would ingest these little bad boys because of the amazing effects. Fortunately, the chews are pretty close to a real chocolate taste, so most of you will find them very easy to munch down. 

Should you buy the Kannaway Energy Chews?

There are so many upsides to this product for me that it's hard to see why you wouldn't want to start replacing your morning joe with these little chocolate bad boys. From the great long energy burn to the health benefits of vitamin B and high-quality hemp oil CBDs, it's just a win win win for me, and I would recommend them, especially for grump coffee crashers. 

Cost for 30 chews is just about $40.00 so that's roughly a months supply, you can purchase them here. Be warned their store is a little clunky but you can find them, scroll down from this link Kannaway Chocolate Energy Chews.

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