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In Conversation: Ryan Saltzman [The Bullitt Agency]

We get deep with the head of one of electronic music's top artist agencies
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What I'm about to say is extremely obvious, but is something that is often overlooked and forgotten: There is more to electronic music than just producers and DJs. Well, maybe it's not that obvious for casual fans, but there many important factors and people that allow our favorite artists to do what they do, be that a talent buyer, a booking agent, PR companies and so forth. Arguably, the second most important person on an artist's team is their agent. This is the person that can really make or break someone's career. The better and more proactive the agent, the better the bookings and fees an artist will receive. 

Ryan Saltzman

Ryan Saltzman

However, artist agencies are a dime a dozen. There are the massive Paradigm-Windish level companies, and then there are the smaller boutique ones that have only a few artists. One of the premiere level agencies, looking after many of the top house and techno DJs around the globe is The Bullitt Agency. Founded in the early 00's by nonother than Dubfire & Sharam, aka Deep Dish, it has become one of the most desired rosters an artist can be a part of. 

The question is then, what does it take to run such a company? How could an aspiring agent like yourself create such a platform? Enter Ryan Saltzman, head honcho of The Bullitt Agency. In this episode of In Conversation, we sit down and find out the answers to such questions. 

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