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In Conversation: Wehbba

From dentistry and modular gear to creating a new sound and the importance of meditation, we get deep with the Tronic powerhouse

Everyone has a story. Regardless of your beliefs on society, we are all living life through our own unique lens. This is intensified in the realm of electronic music, whether you're in the booth, on the dancefloor, or managing 10 artists social media channels. We all have our own tales, and I've been fortunate enough to sit down with some of the incredible people who are the reason you are even go out on weekends. 

On this week's episode of In Conversation, we invited the Brazillian born, Spain-based melodic-techno wizard that is Wehbba. After a decade of balancing a career as both a dentist and a DJ, he decided to ditch cavities and telling people they need to floss more, for what has turned out to be a great career, turning out seminal releases on Christian Smith's legendary Tronic record label and more. On top of that, he is married to another killer techno producer and DJ, being ANNA. Talk about a textbook power couple. Many thanks to Wehbba for his time, and we hope you enjoy this episode. 

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Bonus: Here is my favorite track from Wehbba, that I mentioned at the beginning of this show. What is your favorite track from him? Let us know, and be sure to listen back to all previous episodes here.

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