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Interview: Andrea Oliva Brings Positivity to Underground Dance Music and the World

'We Trust' will be out May 12 via Hot Creations.

If there's ever any doubt that passion will help lead the way to a career, then look no further than Andrea Oliva. The talented artist spent his youth locked in vinyl stores before self-teaching himself how to DJ. Since then, he's played at everywhere from Panorama Bar to Space Terrace for Elrow to headlining ANTS. 

He's now getting ready for a release via Hot Creations - a two track EP titled We Trust, that's been getting early praise. To prepare, we sat down with the incredible producer and DJ to learn more about partying, production, and why vinyl is more important now than ever!

Hi Andrea, thank you for taking the time to chat with us! You're getting ready to release 'We Trust' via Hot Creations. What can listeners expect?

My pleasure! I am so excited for this one to be out soon and the feedback so far has blown me away really! You can expect more of a groovier [element] with “Soho Nights" and a more synth dominated one with “We Trust"! There are definitely more melodic elements in “We Trust”, and the two tracks combine well on this release I think.

You've been noted for being a happy DJ, but the music business can be a tricky, intricate, and often stressful place. How do you maintain positivity?

I have a gift in that I can read a person's personality very easy. Therefore I surround myself with music lovers, real people, and friends - and this keeps me walking through all this with a smile. I really don’t have time to deal with negativity. It might not be the most positive time for the planet as a whole - but thank god it doesn’t affect the music itself.

There's been a lot of debate about whether vinyl is helping or hurting the current musical climate. As a DJ who spent his younger years in a record store, what about vinyl brings you joy?

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This is a never ending story. I grew up with vinyl and I had the chance of working in record stores and distribution. I have lived it, I have experienced it and I have carried it through all my local gigs in Switzerland. To be honest I am happy to not have to carry heavy bags with me anymore. In my eyes, vinyl has gained even more value, because you buy only the stuff you really like and it's what lasts forever. Having a quality vinyl collection is priceless and I love the way vinyl sounds on a good home system, where unfortunately they sound better than in most of the clubs these days. It's always cool for me to look at things with a romantic eye, but you have to move with the times and accept the reality.

We've heard about your legendary Banditz parties, as well as your time being a regular at ANTS, what would you say is the number 1 most essential item for a good time?

The right people! The right people around you is essential!

What advice would you give budding producers and DJs who want to get to where you are at now?

Find your own kind of sound, believe in your sound and work harder than you have ever done

Finally, what can we expect from you for the rest of the year?

I have a lot of things going on, some nice festivals scheduled for the summer, the Ibiza season and of course the releases. 2017 is an exciting year :-)

We Trust is out via Hot Creations on May 12. Pre-order here

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