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INTERVIEW + EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Pink Mammoth & House of Yes Present: Romp with DJ Three this Saturday!

Pink Mammoth and HOY throw down a romp shakin' event at the House of Yes with DJ Three. Pink Mammoth residents, Jonathon Will and Gravity drop an unreleased recording of their b2b set to give you a taste of what is to come this weekend!

Burning Man is such a large scale event filled with so many different camps and stages that one tends to get overshadowed by larger names like Desert Hearts and White Ocean. However, the vibe still flows strong with thirteen-year veteran San Francisco collective, Pink Mammoth. Known for their day parties at Burning Man and their ethos of giving without expectation, the Pink Mammoth crew definitely don't hold back on the incredible music their residents bring to the Playa and San Francisco. 

Running on energies fueled by glitter and pink anything, they take pride in creating atmospheres where they can nurture their participants to be their complete selves and have included the usage of a 6,000 square foot complex in San Francisco for their events to allow just that. After thirteen years on the playa, Pink Mammoth has spent some time taking their show on the road and spreading their "express yo' self" attitude from west to east. 

This Saturday, May 13th, they are collaborating with our own House of Yes in Brooklyn to bring their event - ROMP- with DJ Three alongside Pink Mammoth residents, Gravity, Jonathon Will, Derek Hena, Rolf, SunDragon & MarkieB. You can grab your tickets here and RSVP here!

5.13 ROMP Cover and Eventbrite

Pink Mammoth is giving Magnetic Magazine the exclusive premiere of their unreleased recorded set of residents, Gravity b2b Jonathon Will from their November performance at Halcyon San Francisco. Check it out here, and get a taste of what is to come this Saturday:   

The collective also had a member of their team, Erin Needham, take a moment and talk to Magnetic Magazine, a little bit more about Pink Mammoth and what to expect from the upcoming event: 

Magnetic Mag: I heard of Pink Mammoth before only because of your event at Burning Man but could you tell me a little bit more about the collective?

Erin Needham: The collective started on the Playa and San Francisco 13 years ago with founders Derek Hena and Ryel Kestano. At our core, we are a group of close friends who, after all this time feel like family. We host and curate a big day party on the Playa each year and throw events across the country regularly.

MM: Every collective has a purpose for existing. So, how did Pink Mammoth come together?

EN: The ever evolving question! On a basic level, we are invested in art and music and promoting a culture of self-expression and constant positive regard in our community. Through organizing events, we are able to give a setting to all of our participant’s strengths and creative endeavors.

Photo Credit: wobsarazzi

Photo Credit: wobsarazzi

MM: Why the name Pink Mammoth?

EN: Ryel and Derek were DJ’s at a camp called Pinkies and were offered to take over the space on the Playa. In re-imagining what was possible, they decided to keep Pink as an homage while incorporating the word Mammoth, from Mammoth Mountain in California, and our furry creature was born!

MM: Since you’ve been with them when did Pink Mammoth go from being a small little quiet collective to becoming a bigger stage with crowds of people?

EN: We’ve been hosting large-scale events on and off the Playa for 13 years and our expansion has been a natural process that has been informed by both members and their inspirations and well as from requests and invitations we’ve received from fans. We have been loving bringing our vibe and sound to a greater number of destinations!

MM: Is this the first show Pink Mammoth is playing in New York on the East Coast?

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EN: We played on the Output rooftop last June and hosted our inaugural event at the House of Yes in October with Marques Wyatt and Goldcap as our guests. We all had an incredible time and found a new home across the country!

Photo Credit: Kenny Rodriguez

Photo Credit: Kenny Rodriguez

MM: House of Yes has their very own drum that they beat.

EN: Very true! And we’ve found it to be a fantastic complement to ours!

MM: And what made you guys choose DJ Three to be your first House of Yes artist? 

EN: DJ Three is a very talented artist who I personally have been wanting to host for some time. His style and skill create a unique vibe of celebration and enjoyment, so when we had the opportunity to book him, we jumped!

MM: You’ve thrown events in San Francisco, Denver, New York, so you have tackled the West, Midwest, and the East Coast. How would you compare and differentiate these three different locations that clearly have a different environment when you throw an event?

EN: What I love about being at a Pink Mammoth party, no matter where you are, is that it always feels like coming home. Whether the venue is intimate or spans blocks of the city, there is a unique flavor that transgresses the lines of state and situation.

You can always count on the event to have stellar music and filled with wonderfully open people. So in that respect, you might not know where you are at! Of course, the cities all have different feels and I find they draw different pieces of my personality out. New York makes me feel very alive!

MM: How do you like New York?

EN: I would say that New York gives you permission to show all sides of oneself. Similar to Burning Man, I feel! There is a place for everyone here.

MM: Where are you guys taking your collective? What is your future goal for the next five years or are you guys just playing it by ear?

EN: As with any creative endeavor it’s part plan and part discovery and allowing it to unfold is an undeniable piece of the magic. As a collective made up of many minds and hearts, it’s important to give room and encouragement to all of them. We’ve recently begun a non-profit, so many of our core group are wanting to focus time there with local outreach and fundraisers focused on art and music. Others prefer to focus energy in the planning and execution of our Burning Man event. Of course, we always have a long list of destinations where we’d love to explore and bring our sound!

MM: I did not know Pink Mammoth was starting a non-profit, would you like to say a few words about that?

EN: We started a non-profit called the Mammoth Arts Foundation about 1.5 years ago. It’s still in its early stages but is a result of our continued desire and effort to find ways to give back to our community and help inspire future generations in the arts through the power and support of the community.

Photo Credit: wobsarazzi

Photo Credit: wobsarazzi

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