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We've been big fans of HWLS for a while now. Originally a collaborative project between with Ta-Ku, the latest work comes exclusively from Justin Elwin (who used to go by Kit Pop), who's taken the reigns while still holding true to the sound and styles of the last release. 

With a darker edge than the music they released from their inception in 2014, we sat down with Elwin to learn more about what the future holds for HWLS. 

Hi Justin, thank you for taking the time to chat with us. You're back as HWLS, which originally started as a duo project. Working on the music this time around, were there any major challenges?

Thank you! No real challenges, it was more an extension of the first EP but the sound became a result of my environment at the time. So I guess it’s little more dark but shimmers of beauty on top.

On the other hand, what do you feel you accomplished that you weren't able to with previous HWLS works?

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This EP is a little more experimental without straying too far from the sounds I like to work with. It’s just a good bridge to what I want to do next and change things up again.

A lot has changed musically since 2014. What can fans of your music expect for your upcoming project?

It’s a little more fun and bit more heavy, so it’s a good summer release of energy or something haha.

You've utilized the Greek alphabet for your upcoming project. What about the classic alphabet influenced you? Did you have other influences, and if you did, who/what were major influences for this release?

It didn’t influence me on this project it was just another way to number the tracks similar to first release but now give them names that sounded strong. Nothing really influenced me for the EP other than my surroundings and environment at the time, like friends, familym and lifestyle. Which has all drastically changed since then.

Finally, what can we expect from you and the HWLS project for the rest of 2017?

More music! I just relocated to LA so it’s been good to get some different creative motivation again. So I'm looking forward to keep pushing the project forward this year.

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