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[INTERVIEW] Justin Jay Is Paving the Road to Elements Music & Arts Festival this Memorial Day Weekend

Headliner Justin Jay gets us ready for Elements Music & Arts Festival, happening this Memorial Day Weekend in Lakewood, Pennsylvania, with an amazing Road to Elements Playlist!

As the week draws nearer to Memorial Weekend, many folks are preparing themselves for a weekend in Techno Mecca's Detroit for Movement, whereas the rest of us Easterners are prepping for a new low-key camping festival in Pennsylvania called Elements Music & Arts Festival at Lakewood. Don't take my description of "low-key" to face, Elements has promised a Masquerade party with Claptone, a Tiki Roller Disco event, a floating Pirate Ship stage, a heated pool, interactive art installations, and more as they just keep throwing more and more at us! 


The biggest news as of yet is their merging of Members Only Campout line-up, which was scheduled same for the same weekend. On top of the already party packed Elements line-up, we are now including remarkable talents such as DJ Harvey, Satori, Doc Martin, Honey Dijon, Recondite (Live), Lovefingers, Thugfucker, DJ Three, Brian Cid, Nu & if I keep going, I am going to run out of space for the rest of this piece! 


As a special treat, my favorite Dirtybirder and coincidentally one of the original headliners at Elements has taken a few moments to answer a few questions for Magnetic Magazine to accompany his special road trip playlist for those who are going to be driving to the festival this weekend! Humble and just as much fun as this festival is boasting to be, Justin Jay and his album, Fantastic Voyage, is still by far one of my most favorite albums to listen to at any given time, so it was a real pleasure to chat with the young talent. Check his exclusive "Road to Elements" playlist for Magnetic Magazine here: 

JJ Press

Magnetic Mag: You have quite the "dreams come true" tale about how you got signed by Dirtybird! How is everything going since?

Justin Jay: It's pretty surreal how much of a community there is in between all the artists, I've made so many great friends! This past weekend was Sacha Robotti's birthday and he threw a warehouse party. At one point, Will Clarke, Gavin from Walker and Royce, Sage Armstrong, Sacha and myself were all behind the decks going b2b! It all just happened organically out of love and enjoying each other's company. I think there's a common thread between people who are drawn to Dirtybird, we keep things fun and silly but also really care about the music. Those are incredible things to bond over. It's also unreal how close I've gotten to the homies who consistently hold it down on the dance floor. This music really brings great people together!!

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MM: Do you feel as if your skills are developing further as you spend more time touring and creating new tracks?

JJ: I've actually taken a little break from touring to try some new things. After making a bunch of music with Josh Taylor, my singer-songwriter homie, I got really inspired to dive into his world of writing songs, singing, playing instruments...there's so much to explore! To get better at singing, I even joined a choir this year! It's been soooo sick!!!! [Literally just got back from a recital as I'm answering these questions!]

MM: What are you currently work on, if it isn't a secret?

JJ: Lots of new music/surprises for when I play live! You'll have to see!

MM: What is your expectation of Elements @ Lakewood? What about the festival looks exciting to you?

JJ: I'm soo excited!!! I've heard so many amazing things about Elements. I cant wait to get out of the city for a weekend, be in nature and enjoy the music!


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