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Interview + Playlist: Chuck Daniels Is Celebrating 15 Years of His Label at Movement

His Sampled 15 Year Anniversary Party will be happening on May 28.

We're getting mentally prepared for the massive festival known as Movement- a quintessential event for those interested in techno and its vivacious history throughout Detroit. There's a whole list of different artists and talents we're excited to see there, and it would be basically impossible to cover it in the detail we want to at this moment, but we're excited for this. We sat down with Chuck Daniels, who's preparing for a massive after-party during the festival that's also a part of his label's Sampled's 15 year anniversary. 

We sat down to learn about what Detroit, Movement, and music, means to him as we get ready for the festivities ahead. 

More information on the after-party here

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Hi Chuck, thank you so much for taking the time to sit down with us today. You're gearing up for both Movement and your official after party. With Detroit being such a fundamental part of dance culture, what does today's dance culture mean to you, and do you think that the message of electronic and dance music has changed since its original message?

Thank's for having me! Music is very personal so everyones message may be different. That message can also depend on the mood someone’s in. If someone has a break-up and writes a song it could have a unique subliminal message. I have written tunes Happy, Angry & Sad so my music will reflect that feeling. Detroit Techno can be dramatic and often tells a story, that story can change. Music has power and means so many different thing’s to me.

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You've undoubtedly traveled throughout the world for music, and seen a lot of musical scenes. Is there any place that excites you today? 

My last trip to Berlin was quite exciting; I played 4 gigs while I was there. The room’s I played were about 200-400 people in capacity on average and they were all really good. I would have to say Sysyphos was my favorite. 

If we were to visit Detroit tell us some historical places we could visit that pay tribute to the roots of Detroit music. 

The Motown Museum would for sure. Many classic records were recorded there dating back to the Motown era. Submerge is also a must, John Collin's runs a music distribution company, private record store and our Electronic Music Museum is where you can find things like the lathe of the late great Ron Murphy who is responsible for cutting hundreds of Techno records. 

What advice would you give to young aspiring Artist’s trying to make it in the Dance music industry right now. 

Work hard, do what you are passionate about and don’t be afraid to be yourself. 

You have had some really exciting things happen the past couple years with your own music and your label Sampled Detroit. What can we expect from you and the team in 2017?
More music! We’ve got upcoming stuff from all our most popular artists and we have also been working hard to discover some new fresh talent that we can’t wait to showcase. At the end of this month we will be celebrating our 15 year Anniversary during ‘Movement’, our electronic music festival here in Detroit. We have worked hard to manage and create a crazy line-up including Gene Farris, Mark Farina, Jesse Rose, Junior Sanchez, Andrés, Rick Wilhite, Tall Black Guy and a bunch of others. I also just curated a project for Seth Troxler’s label ‘Play It Say It’ that I am super excited about. It’s an amazing tune from some Detroit based friends Andy Toth & Billy Love and includes a remix I did that is already receiving some love getting some play’s on BBC Radio 1. 

Lastly, You mentioned ‘Movement’, what would be a couple good record stores & club’s to visit while we’re there?
Melodies and Memories has always been a favorite. They have a huge selection of Motown, Jazz and classic Dance and Disco. It was the preferred digging location for the late great J Dilla and many others. Also Detroit Threads is the spot for any of the newest Detroit Techno and House releases. Most of our local Artists sell direct to them so they are always likely to have anything new from peeps like Mike Huckaby or anyone still pressing records. Concerning our night life, I would have to mention Marble Bar a new venue that has been killing it with some really good show’s. They have an amazing outside stage and a brand new sound system. TV Lounge is our go to venue and has been for years it’s kind of a family affair there and it’s the heart of our underground dance music community. These are the 2 spot's I play the most and have hosted our Sampled parties.

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