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Interview + Premiere: Project Mooncircle's Nuage Explores the "Secret Jungle" In Experimental New Track

The full project is out May 5.

We don't often get to talk Project Mooncircle on here, but today we've got something a little excited for you today. Nuage, an eclectic artist on the experimental label, has been getting ready for the release of his upcoming record, and today we've got the release of "Secret Jungle" for an exclusive listen.

In the past, he'd become well-known for his project Neida, which was released in 2015 and caught the attention of music websites/magazines like FACT, BBC Radio 1, thump, XLR8R, Clash, and more. His upcoming project is slated to be equally mesmerizing, and with his deeper look into nature and the world around him, Nuage is truly planning to push himself further than ever. 

We decided to sit down with the exciting producer to learn more about what the new project entails, and what it means to craft a project in the modern day.  

Check out the premiere and the interview below! 

Hi Nuage, thank you for taking the time to chat with us! Your latest project is influenced by the sun, earth, and seasons, among other parts of nature. What drew you to take influence from the natural elements for this project?

Hey, guys, great to meet you and chat about few new things!

When I back to the city from awesome Mexico bookings in February 2016, I caught an incredible contrast between nature, weather, people, music and festivals here and there. This impression was the starting point for the new album compiling, i already put a couple of ideas on when the label back to me with an album offer. 2016 wasnt so easy and been more personal and inclosed for me, there were very few gigs and festivals and you know, when you sit in the studio or home for days and compiling ideas, you can create an imaginary space while sketching. So, I built WILD. I really wanted to note - WILD is not only about the nature, it's also very personal moments that I recorded in the sequencer every day while album creating. During this time at the studio I decided to divide the WILD into two conventional parts - warm with all those travels, meetings and impressions of 2016 year and really cold, restrained and personal. After the long studio time, I went to the mountains and after the return i pick a few more tracks, which I think are the strongest in the album.

Your last project released in 2015 was an EP. What major challenges did you face in creating a larger and more in-depth project?

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Honestly, this album is my most full and thoughtful work on Nuage so far. I had a few long play albums before but they was compiled with no any general idea or concept, everything was just worked out for a while, then it was released and acquired the form. The WILD is different - the idea came almost immediately and about after three or four completed tracks for the album I decided to not really hurry and spent anyear (more or less), collecting and recording the album, this was really exciting. But there were a few difficulties: when you hearing tracks from half a year ago, you normally want to improve or delete all of them and start writing a new, and on the other hand, you really wants to release all this at the right time, so, in fact, you had to very concentrate on the creating things, last year i even refused from several performances to complete the album. And yes, the release is finally in the may!

On the flip side, what were the upsides to releasing an LP?

There was a feeling that during the time without a new music, its will reduce the audience interest, but it was the wrong opinion, so I expect a good album support now. At this time, I feel I needed such a big longplay project, maybe it's like writing a book, especially if you have all this vinyl stuff, and a proper artwork as well, so you can tag a little point on a musical way.

I'd love to learn about the artwork. How did you team up with Greg Haynes (aka for the cover art. What were your major influences for the artwork?

It was quite simple: Greg worked on the artwork of Neida EP, released in 2015 at Project: Mooncircle, and I thought about the continuation of the artwork story for the new album. But when I saw one of his new tropical art in the Facebook feed, I realized that exactly need to collaborate with him. I thought the WILD artwork should be bright, I wanted to use more neon and softer colors and combinations, Greg proposed to detail the artwork by placing the WILD letters on the background and surrounded them with various animals, jellyfish, birds, octopuses, it's become a collage of Tropical and Nordic elements. In general, I immediately approved the artwork when only Greg sent it to me and the label owner came up with the idea to put the music on the pink vinyl. Massive big ups to Fybe One for working on this beauty!

What advice would you have for anyone trying to get into the music production world? How do you deal with the challenges that come with the industry side of things?

I think as long as you really into with the idea to write something new, and as long as there is big inspiration - you need to keep doing this, this constant thought that I can produce even better sounds doesn’t let me stop, I think it's important at any stage of a music career. Well, All worked several years ago in the music industry doesn’t work nowadays it's a real fact that you should accept unless you keep staying on the same way - that’s my manager telling me. Normally, the music industry is changing and sometimes you really don’t understand how to catch it, how to interest the audience or be invited for more gigs ... but I'm glad I work in music now, and there are the label and management that deals with most industry things.

Finally, what can we expect from you for the rest of the year?

I’m going back to the studio to start experimenting with new sounds, I recorded a few of new presets on my microkorg, and I hope this year I will bring one more little release. Also, there will be some more remixes, couple of sample packs, and hope to present the album at several festivals!

Hope to see you there :)

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