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Ramiro Lopez has launched a new label named Odd recordings with his partner in crime, India Arjun Vagale. He’s also planning an exciting showcase at Sonar with the artists of the label. We sat down with the Spaniard to talk about his close relationship wth Arjun, his early days as a Guns & Roses fan and his admiration for Adam Beyer. 

Ramiro reminds us it should be about the music first: 

“Of course there are artists that I’d love to have on Odd one day, but honestly it’s more about the music than the names” 

Following a huge success with his track “Clap You Hands” released on Drumcode, Ramiro has an upcoming full EP called Pretending to be released on the Swedish label and we are excited to share with you the world exclusive preview! 

What were you listening to while growing up? How much has it influenced you for your label Odd Recordings?                            

First records I bought were from Guns N´Roses and Queen. Speaking of electronic music, initiation was through radios I used to listen. I remember to spend lot of weekend nights listening for example to “Zona 3” on Radio 3 / RNE, a very famous Spanish radio show were I discovered for the very 1 time Techno music. I fell in love with it and I guess that was the beginning of what I am doing now.

Odd recordings is a nice partnership you built with Arjun. What is it like to work with Arjun Vagale in India? How often to you go there?

It´s so easy since we have the similar taste and points of view but also enriching as the ideas are more and better as a team. Apart of our partnership, Arjun is like my brother and I love him so it’s perfect to have this project with him. I just came from a 1 week tour in India and we spent the time together but whatever it is we keep in touch the whole year. Thanks to easier communications these days, the distance is not a problem.

Any big plans for Odd recordings?

There are indeed! After our first Odd Tour, we have prepared a showcase in Barcelona during Sonar week. More info will come soon about it but I can say the venue is one of the best in the city and the line-up is pretty cool. We are really excited with the upcoming releases. I personally love them all. It´s important for us to take good care of each one and we are doing our best to provide the highest possible quality. It is in our plans to release also vinyl material, as we love this format. The idea is to create a family around Odd , having few artists that we love. And we already have some great ones on board.

Is there someone you are a dreaming of signing on your label Odd Recordings?

Of course there are some artists that I love to have on Odd one day but honestly, Its more about the music than the names. If the stuff is something we consider outstanding and we feel it is for Odd, then we don´t really care about how big the artist's profile is.

What is the process for making a track for Ramiro Lopez?

I usually start with an idea in my head. Something I've listened somewhere and inspired me. Proper Kick and hi-hats to kick off and I open the synths. Sometimes looking for a concrete sound, others, just trying and playing until I have something that I feel. And when I find it, more ideas come to my head and I feel excited. I work with a loop until I have the main elements that I need and the sequence more or less clear in my head. Sometimes I lose the perspective of the track so I put the project on hold and work on other things. That´s so helpful to me... When I come back to it with fresh ears, I can feel if I like or not.

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What are you key events for 2017?

This Odd Party in Barcelona that I told you before will be one of them for sure. There are some big festivals plans during summer and I can't wait to come back to South America soon. Booking agencies are working on many exciting gigs all around the world.

Can you describe what the scene is like in Spain? Everybody knows Sonar but what is it like during the rest of the year?

Nowadays we are in a good shape, that’s my sincere opinion. We have amazing and worldwide well-known clubs like Florida 135, Fabrik, Industrial Copera, Metro, Family, the list goes on and other new and interesting offers. Apart from Sonar, festivals during summer are strong and of course there is also Ibiza, even though I'm not feeling the island like I used to years ago, still has amazing line ups during the high season.

Your top selling track is "Clap your Hands," released on Drumcode, [it's a] great track. What do you think the impact of that song has been on your career?

This has been my first approach to Drumcode, A dream come true and a goal I've been working on for years. Many people discover me on this track and I’m happy about it. But now, something bigger is coming. I have my own 4 tracks EP on Drumcode. I believe this will be a big step in my career and hopefully, with a very remarkable impact.

Who have been your biggest inspirations this year so far? Anyone that you think is standing out from everybody?

I'm always closely following Adam Beyer. He is a role model to me in many ways. And there are many other amazing artists out there that inspire me every day. The year just started actually but people like Alan Fitzpatrick, Sam Paganini, Ilario Alicante, Slam, and Gary Beck are always on my radar. And I have to say, I also find inspiration in artists I’m lucky to have close to me like Arjun, Coyu, Andres Campo or Vinicius Honorio. They are all great talents

Is there something that we have missed or something you would like to share for your fans?

Thanks a lot for reading and supporting my music. Hope to see you dancing close to me very soon! Big love. 

Purchase here via Beatport.

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