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Interview: Stretch + Lisbona Sisters Brings Aerobics Fashion and Yoga Feel to the Dancefloor

Stretch their way through Lovelife's Boat Party this weekend in San Diego!
PC: Kathryn Gosik @lostonmars_ 

PC: Kathryn Gosik @lostonmars_ 

If you're looking for a way to get fit this summer, and aim to do that with the energy of dance music, we have just the thing for you. Stretch is a new idea of combining the best of both worlds - fantastic music and healthy exercise- to bring together the music community into the world of health. Their motto is 'A Spandex Spectacular for Fabulous People' so you know that things are going to go down at their events. 

We sat down with the creators of Stretch, the Lisbona Sisters, who both host a residency at Sound Nightclub in Hollywood and are part of the Sweat It Out family in Australia, to learn more about their upcoming EP debut, their Stretch show in San Diego, and more! 


Tell us about your favorite stretch?

Ava: Child's pose. Honestly, can I tell you what? When I was younger, my stepfather Brian took me and Laura (yes, that's proper grammar) to yoga and we HAAAAATED it. The instructor told us just to return to Child's Pose if at any point we needed a rest, so we pretty much wound up in the Child's Pose the whole time waiting for it to be over. Now, about 15 years later, we've started doing hot yoga and we LOVE IT (so, thanks Brian). I still have NO idea what any of the poses are called but I do them. I think that's why I prefer yoga in dark rooms so no one can see I’m totaaalllly faking it, but I figure it out eventually.

Laura: Basically the same thing as what she said. I know the funny named ones like cat, tree, cow, those kinds of thangs. My favorite stretch is the one where I don't hurt myself.

How did this "spandex spectacular for fabulous people" start?

Laura: Well, I love wearing spandex, so there's that. Also, I associate the 80s as an era that's so gratuitous and over-the-top in so many ways. The whole aerobics invasion is so off-the-chains; the hair, the fashion, the often-overt sexuality and shameless cheeseballsyness. It's just the best. We really envisioned Stretch as an event where people could come to have fun and listen to great music and also wouldn't stand a chance at taking themselves too seriously. I feel confident we achieved that.

Ava: Exactly, get loose, wear something silly...BE SILLY! The music at Stretch we try to keep fun and up-beat. When we started, we always did the party on Sunday, and NO ONE wants to think too hard on a Sunday before the week begins.

Do you actually stretch in your day-to-day lives?

Ava: Haha, actually, I find that there are a lot of times when we are just sitting around bouncing ideas off each other one of us is on the ground stretching like a little monkey.

Laura: I would say I at least get a little stretching in on most days. I mean, I should definitely do it more consistently...WE ALL SHOULD.

Tell us some benefits of stretching.

Laura: Better blood circulation which leads to fun perks like pretty skin and looking great, obvs. Physical flexibility is dope. A clearer mind, which I definitely need.

Ava: A better mood, which is something others may have even said that I could use from time to time.

Where else do you want to bring Stretch?

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Laura: Everywhere DUH. It’s so much fun.

Ava: Haha, exactly. It’s something that I am pretty sure its a party where even the wettest of blankets could have fun.

What other projects are you working on when you aren’t stretching?

Laura: Music is a huge thing for me/us right now. It’s like we are learning a new language. We are super excited we just finished our first EP to be released this summer on Club Sweat which is part of Sweat It Out Records in Australia. We just announced a residency at Sound Nightclub in Hollywood which is really exciting for us. The other residents are Doc Martin, Kaz James, Eric Sharp, Bones, Isaiah Martin, Lee Wells and Tom Breu, so it's a great roster to be a part of. We have so much great stuff in the works right now. We've been working really hard so it definitely feels incredibly rewarding. Aside from the music stuff, writing and cooking are big parts of my life. I love both of those.

Ava: Music for sure. I love digging for new tunes for not just the club but to just play for friends at home. I feel like I go through music 22 hours a days some of these days. I always joke (kind of) that I'd be an arts and crafts teacher if I could and I'm always working on some little project around my house or making clothes and jewelry. Anything creative to keep my mind moving and clear.

You guys have your second event collaboration with Lovelife coming up in San Diego on May 20th...this time on a boat. Tell us more.

Ava: We did a party with Lovelife in San Diego a couple years ago where we had DJ Tennis and it was awesome. A group of adorable girls were doing coordinated aerobics routines on the dance floor. We have a cheeky "Lovelife + Stretch Sexercise Video Booth" documented to remind us of its fun-ness, so that's neat. We're really excited to be working with Lovelife again and also with Sundown SD for the first time. Oh, and on a boat when the weather is projected to be 79 degrees, clear and sunny.

Laura: I am definitely into all of that.

Ava: I am really looking forward to the music on the boat this time.

Laura: Same.

Ava: I think it is really solid, super fun lineup. Worthy always makes us move and we've been loving how he's playing these days, plus he's one of our good friends and we always love collaborating with those. D!nk and Hylas are really great local DJs in SD who I've always had a great time listening and dancing to. I can’t wait to see Malcolm Brown in some spandex, juussss sayin. She played our Stretch party in SF and it was so much fun!

Laura: We had a great event with Lovelife before and we're just excited to be back, this time on a boat, hanging with such a fun crew. Jon Dadon and Jimbo James from Lovelife are fun to work with and they already pull such a great built-in crowd. We have lots of friends from San Francisco and LA making the trip to come to this one, so it's going to be an amazing and diverse turnout.

PC: Kathryn Gosik @lostonmars_

PC: Kathryn Gosik @lostonmars_

And now for the important stuff. Give us your best input for people seeking Stretch outfit advice.

Ava: Wear what makes you comfortable in the most uncomfortable of ways. Definitely try to step out of your comfort zone and don't be too serious. Paint your face, color your hair, wear bright colors and lots of accessories. Luckily for all of us, we are having a "Stretch Warm-Up" from 2:00pm-5:30pm at Kettner Exchange, just across the street from where the boat leaves. We will have Teeki selling their amazing stretchy activewear and they'll also be doing face and body painting. The 80’s were about excess, big hair and often-ridiculous bold fashion, so looking at least slightly crazy is the name of the game here. The more fun the outfit, the more fun you’ll have. People like that $h!t.

Laura: SPANDEX, hello!? It’s a Spandex Spectacular for Fabulous People you guys. Teeki's stuff is rad and fits great, so we wear it all the time. It's actually made from material produced from recycled plastic water bottles, so that's actually even cooler than traditional spandex. Aside from that, I recommend bright colors, leg warmers, gold chains and an excellent attitude. Coincidentally, I recommend these things all the time.

More information about their May 20 event in San Diego can be found here

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