Ireland Takes More MDMA Than Any Other Country

According to new Global Drug Survey 2017.
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The new global drug survey has been released for 2017, and results indicate that Ireland overwhelmingly takes more MDMA than the rest of the world. 39.7 % of survey responders have revealed that they have taken MDMA within the last year. 

This is, however, down from 2016's results, which indicated that 58% of responders in Ireland were using MDMA. The study also revealed that the average price of pill is around €7.10 for a pill, while a gram of MDMA powder is valued to be around €46.50. Despite their high results, only 1.3% have had the need to visit the hospital for this reason. 

While studies that require volunteer responses can have a skew to results, the abnormally high results against other nations might truly indicate that Ireland loves MDMA. 

Read the results here

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